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Black Owned Tall Brands V

Limanyaa Though Marie Camara is not considered “tall”, nor has she encountered many struggles throughout her life due to her height, she has a passion for creating footwear that combines

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Black Owned Tall Brands IV

Prissy Duck 6’0 Stephanie Foster has always been one of the tallest people growing up (school, friends, sports, etc), and outside of a short moment when she was younger, she’s

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workwear for tall women

#Bossbabe Workwear

Every tall #BossBabe needs a closet full of blazers, pants, and suits, but it can be a huge struggle to find different styles that fit our long legs, arms and

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Black Owned Tall Brands III

Smash Shoes Already 5’10” in the 5th grade, Ashlie Hallman struggled with confidence until she went to college. “Then, I fell in love with my height,” she stated. “Standing out

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Black Owned Tall Brands

As tall women, we understand that shopping is hard- much harder than it should be. The good news is that, we have dedicated the time and effort into finding some

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Lets Talk About Ellos!

Ellos is a Swedish company that carries both straight and plus sizes. They are not a tall specialty retailer, but with their Swedish origins and Swedish people being some of

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Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!