Why Every Tall Sister Needs Woven Pear Socks

Last year we came across Woven Pear.

This women’s sock brand designs arguably the cutest socks you have ever seen. The daunting question, however, was:  did my size 14 feet fit into these socks? I thought bright, colorfully patterned socks were usually reserved for smaller feet, and I became accustomed to plain black socks. My Tall Sisters, can you relate?

Still, we reached out to Woven Pear, impressed by their company and designs. We had the opportunity to sample some of their product, and I am so incredibly glad that I did!

Woven Pear socks use the highest grade woven cotton, made with extra padding in the heel and toe for comfort and support. Each pair is hand-dyed, making each sock an original creation. The crew socks rest higher on the leg than most crew socks. Because of this, it is an ideal sock for those of a taller stature, aka our Tall Sisters!

I find Woven Pear socks to fit my size 14 feet perfectly with booties or Converse for fall. Woven Pear is also the perfect pop of color when wearing cropped pants and brogues. Their playful designs are eye-catching, making them a stylish, fun addition to your outfit.

I asked our amazing contributors Katie & Tyi to put the socks through the test and both gave me their seal of approval, seen in these stunning images. #TallSisterApproved!

As the founder of this incredible community, I can’t stress how important it is to discover great products like Woven Pear, that are aligned with our mission and generously contribute.

THANK YOU, Woven Pear for supporting us and being AWESOME!

Have you attended one of our events? Did you LOVE your Woven Pear socks, too?

Then share a comment below to let us know what you loved most about your Woven Pears!



Photo Credit: Kyle Blair Photography

Models – Katie & Tyi


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