The Tall Society is a community where Tall Girls & Women world wide UNITE.

The Tall Society us owned and managed by Brunnhilde (Bree) Wijnaar.

I respect my readers and I view our relationship as a ‘friend to friend’ basis, therefore I would never mislead my readers in any way. I will share my favorite brands, give you tips on styling and raise topics that I feel are relevant to our demographic.  In addition I look forward to introduce you to new and exciting brands in the tall arena.

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Sponsored posts are post for which a fee was paid in exchange for the post.
If a company contacts me to do a sponsored post, I would only ever agree if I believe their product would be of interest or benefit to my readers. My views and opinions on these sponsored posts will always be my personal honest opinion and will never be swayed by the company. Any sponsored content will be highlighted as such at the bottom of the post.

Courtesy Off
All items marked with (c/o) = Courtesy off, were either sent to me as a gift or received at an event. Therefore items marked (c/o) have not been paid for by myself but the choice to mention these items within a post is entirely my decision.



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