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What is your full name? Shane Sexton.  If you’re reading the last name and chuckling to yourself or thinking “she must have been teased a lot,” you’re correct.  I’ve gotten jokes and comments my entire life about the first 3 letters in my last name.  But at this point, I own it.  And I bet you’ll remember my name now! How tall are you? 5’10 ½”. Yes, the ½” matters! Where are you from and where do you currently live?

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Never Been in Love

This summer I turn thirty, and I’m surprisingly really excited about it. At thirty I’m finally confident in my body, at thirty I don’t care about pleasing everyone, and most importantly at thirty, I know my worth. I mean don’t get me wrong it took me a long time to get here. You don’t just wake up overnight and all of a sudden value yourself. It’s almost like this was what I been working on my whole life. Self-love. But

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Yoga’s Impact on My Body Image

There was a time in my life where I thought that being miserable and wanting to throw up from over-exertion during a workout was the way it was supposed to be.  I recognized my discomfort, but I told myself that I needed to get used to it. I believed that the only way to keep my body—and thus my worthiness—in check was strict and militant diet and exercise.  I even used to work for a diet company. I was wrong.

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Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch – Atlanta II

Hey, Y’all! —That’s how they say it in the South, as I’ve learned. Christiana the Contributor here to tell you ALL about how awesome our April 8th Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch was At Marmi Shoes in Atlanta! Any time you get ___ tall women in a room, it’s bound to be a great time, but this event felt special. Not only did we have women travel far and wide from Florida to Alabama and North Georgia to come join

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How to Accomplish Your Goals

Do you like quizzes? Because I love them. “What’s your greatest strength?” “What breed of dog are you?” “Who is your Disney character spirit animal?” I’ve taken them all, but when I stumbled on Gretchen Rubin’s The Four Tendencies quiz, it actually changed the game for me. Gretchen Rubin is a best-selling author, blogger, and speaker and, for all intents and purposes, THE Happiness Coach. The quiz I stumbled upon is the foundation of her work in the happiness field

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ – Adaezé Cadet

What is your full name? Adaezé Melissa Cadet How tall are you? 5’8″ Where are you from and where do you currently live? I’m originally from Sacramento, CA. Then I went to college in Philadelphia, PA and Houston, TX, and then I lived in Dallas, TX and Oakland, CA. Now I live in Beverly Hills, CA. What was your career before you decided to start House of LVA? I was and still am an architect. While I was finishing up

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We tend to hold denim to the strictest standards out of any piece in our wardrobe. You can throw on a dress, you can manipulate an oversized t-shirt, but denim has to fit perfectly. And unlike fast fashion, it has to last for years. Lucky for us, we discovered a new line that feels like heaven on legs. Midheaven Denim is a line of premium denim, cut and sewn by experienced artists in downtown Los Angeles and made from the

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