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Fitting Room Chronicles

Us Tall Sisters know that shopping isn’t easy. Either the pants are too short or the dresses have our booties out. There are just so many things that make shopping not fun for us. The problem is I love shopping. Living in NYC, if I see a store I like, I’m going to pop in. After a while of consistently being disappointed trying on clothes, I thought it would be funny to start taking photos of my dressing room experiences.

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ – Dawn Shaffer and Robin Rogers

Welcome to Sunday Tall Sisters! Today we are excited to welcome 2 tall sisters that do indeed share a bloodline. Dawn and Robin have been great supporters of our community for some time now and their story is one that has to be shared! We have welcomed Dawn and Robin as event attendees and vendors at past events. I myself am a frequent user of their magical curl conditioning cream. Two incredible women that created a family business. Intrigued? Lets

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Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch – Miami

Happy Sunday! It was only a few weeks ago when my mom and I jetted off to Miami to host our last brunch of 2017. An amazing year that was filled with memorable gatherings. Lets take a look back at our Miami brunch. It was a treat for our Tall Sisters to go shopping with A’Demure and Soulful By C2! Speaking her truth at our event was Chantelle Anderson, confidence coach! We couldn’t go without spoiling our Tall Sisters with

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ – Sonja Runck

Welcome to Sunday Tall Sisters, I am delighted to share the launch of a new Tall Retailer with you! Join me in welcoming  Beryl Frances Footwear! Sonja Runck its founder and I first connected in person early last year at our Chicago Meet Your Tall Sisters brunch. At that time she shared her brainchild with me and I was excited! A little later on in the year, our Washington DC brunch attendees were the first to learn about this new upcoming

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Why Every Tall Sister Needs Woven Pear Socks

Last year we came across Woven Pear. This women’s sock brand designs arguably the cutest socks you have ever seen. The daunting question, however, was:  did my size 14 feet fit into these socks? I thought bright, colorfully patterned socks were usually reserved for smaller feet, and I became accustomed to plain black socks. My Tall Sisters, can you relate? Still, we reached out to Woven Pear, impressed by their company and designs. We had the opportunity to sample some

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A Lesson in Embracing Who You Are

The other day I bawled my eyes out watching a college football game on TV. To be fair, I’m the girl who cries at everything–Zillow commercials, the news, when I see elderly couples holding hands at the mall–but this time was different. I was watching the USC vs. Western Michigan football game with my husband when a player named Jake Olson took the field to snap the football for an extra point. If you haven’t heard of Jake, you’ll want

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Moving to a small town

I Moved From a City of 1.6 Million to a Town of 2,800 Not that long ago, the idea of living in a log cabin in the woods in a mountain town with no Target would have been absurd to me.  After all, I am a fourth-generation native Phoenician, I don’t like the cold, and I thought driving in traffic was just part of life. Well, the joke’s on me!  Here I am. I live in Heber-Overgaard, Arizona.  Population: not

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