The Alloy Apparel Re-vamp

Tall Sisters, Alloy Apparel is a brand name we know and have experience with. They are currently going through some positive changes intended to bring us more variety and quality options.

Alloy started as a junior catalog company that focused on a skater girl in the late 90’s. They quickly discovered that they had a much more diverse customer base that loved their pants and jeans. They received emails and calls asking for the jeans and pants they loved in taller inseams. After testing a few styles and seeing the results, the Alloy Tall collection was born. Alloy fills a void in the marketplace for fashionable tall clothing at great prices. Today Alloy carries all pants in 35”, 37,” and a few in 39” inseams.

We all know that tall women come in all shapes and sizes of beautiful and Alloy is looking to adjust their business to celebrating them all. You should all see some changes to their offerings in 2018!

Alloy will, of course, have some exciting deals going on during the holidays, but GOOD NEWS! The Tall Society readers do not have to wait for those. Instead, we have early access to an exclusive one-time discount with a special VIP code.

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Alloy is committed to bringing you the most fashionable styles in extended sizes without extended prices. Now let’s get into our picks, shall we?

Bree 6’4

One thing I have passed along to Alloy is that I look forward to seeing more options in plus sizes, as there is a wonderful opportunity for their collection to expand into that arena. I was told those changes are coming, so I can’t wait!

The ruffle sleeves on this Lulu Gigi Sweater are super fun. With the weather changing, fashionable sweaters are a must. I am wearing an XL here, but in hindsight, an XXL would’ve been a better fit to allow for more movement. I paired the sweater with the Twill Basic Bootcut pants in a size 25. I also threw on some booties to dress it up, a cute purse, and voila! I am ready for brunch, are you?


Use code THETALLSOCIETYVIP for an exclusive 50% OFF Sitewide
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When I say the Jamie Satin Stripe Midi Wrap Dress from Alloy Tall is extremely elegant and makes me want to walk down a runway, I am telling the whole truth and nothing but. The subtle colors with stripes going all the way down make this a classic dress for any woman. It’s also a wrap dress that somewhat resembles a Diane von Furstenberg wrap which, as one knows, is a timeless look to add to anyone’s wardrobe. The only caveat to this dress is that it runs a bit small. With that in mind, I added a simple black undershirt to not expose too much of myself. I mean, we have to keep it PG on The Tall Society! 

I also paired the look with a nude Tessa Heel. There is just something about a simple nude heel that can turn any look super feminine and stylish. I’m not much of a heel wearer and it’s not because I’m 6’2. It’s mainly because my feet hurt with majority of the heels I own, so I will be sure to add a bit of a cushion to the ball of the shoe to make it a bit more comfortable.

To WRAP it up (get it?:), I absolutely adore this dress and pair of heels. What’s beautiful about this dress and other wrap dresses is that any body type can wear it. Also, you can’t beat that price!


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Alloy is a tall girl’s dream line. I got the pleasure to model some of their clothing and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed. First, I got to try the Clara V Plunging Jumpsuit. This jumpsuit made me feel like I had a 401K. I felt sexy and powerful in this. I can’t stop thinking about how I just need an event to wear it to. Quick, someone take me to a wedding or funeral fast, because I need to wear this jumpsuit. The fabric was not only comfortable, but it felt expensive, too.

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My second look is the Penny Floral Jumpsuit. A little different than the first jumpsuit, this floral goddess let me channel my inner Michelle Phillips. I finally felt like the earth child that I know I am. This jumpsuit was silky and very airy, and everything about this jumpsuit was long. I was a little nervous at first when I saw the opening in the front. As someone with a more prominent chest, I was afraid that I couldn’t wear a bra with it. Let’s just say I’m no longer in my boob prime. These DD’s aren’t 23 anymore. Ladies with tiny perky boobs, go braless, you’ll look great. Girls like me, thank the lord because you can still wear a bra in this outfit. The opening closes just enough, making this the perfect look.

We can all agree that, as tall ladies, jumpsuits never fit. But not with these jumpsuits. Both are long with what I believe is a 35 inseam. Both jumpsuits are super comfy, almost like you are wearing pajamas. Whether you are going to a formal event or want to hippy it out at a music festival, you have two incredible options to choose from.


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Check out a behind the scenes of our photoshoot for Alloy Apparel.

We are looking forward to seeing more options and sizes added over at Alloy in the future. Naturally we will keep our eyes peeled and update you as they evolve. 


Bree, Kellee & Kristin

This post was Sponsored  by Alloy Apparel and contains affiliate links.

Photo Credit: www.aqutphotography.com

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