Lets Talk About Ellos!

Ellos is a Swedish company that carries both straight and plus sizes. They are not a tall specialty retailer, but with their Swedish origins and Swedish people being some of the tallest in the world, they are a good option for us Tall Sisters. Ellos describes their label as modern, effortless, and works for every aspect of your life. Each piece comes with an expert fit and affordable price tag, in sizes US 10 to 34, so we know you’ll love it.

Well, Ellos, we love the sound of that! Let’s do some shopping, shall we?

Bree – 6’4

Browsing Ellos.com, I have to say I had a really hard time picking just one look. Because, frankly, I could’ve put together five looks. But don’t be greedy now, Bree, focus!

The Pullover Cable Sweater caught my attention first. It looked so comfortable! I decided to size up, so I am wearing an 18/20. Tall Sisters, this sweater is a dream; please note the sleeve length! Yes, you are seeing that right, the sleeves are long enough, so this is a safe pick for you all. I wanted to do something a bit out of the ordinary, so I styled the sweater with this fun, black Carrie Tulle Skirt. It falls above the knee, so a playful length but still somewhat conservative. The elastic waistband adds comfort. The size 18 in this skirt fit me perfectly. Wear this with boots or heels, and maybe add a leather jacket to make it more edgy. The sky’s the limit.


Kristin – 6’

So many cool pieces in this outfit. First, let’s talk about this Sequin Bolero Jacket. It is like Michael Jackson meets the Golden Girls and I don’t hate it. This jacket will transform any outfit. This jacket is a cropped jacket, making it easy to pair with anything. This jacket will automatically make an outfit cooler. It fits the arms nicely and the color wasn’t too much either. I sometimes feel when an item has sparkles, it can be too much. Like, you can only wear it for New Years and that’s it, but not with this one.

I have always wanted a leather skirt, and now I finally have one. This Zip Pocket Leather Skirt is amazing; it fits great and gives your body room to breathe. This skirt is easy to dress up or down, but whatever you choose to do, it is a staple piece. The zippers in the front add a little extra spunk, making the skirt look more badass. Note that they are real pockets, which is fantastic. Everyone loves pockets.

I loved this outfit. I think these two pieces look great together and also look great separate. Both pieces can help transform a look; I highly recommend adding them to your closet.


Kellee – 6’2

Glitter has to be one of my favorite colors. I mean, is it even a color? Probably not, but that’s ok in my eyes. The sparkle, the shine, and everything in between is absolutely beautiful to me. That’s one of the reasons why I love the holidays so much, because there are variations of glitter everywhere from Christmas to New Years.

This Glitter Knit Jumpsuit is something that I would not have thought to buy for myself. I mentioned loving glitter, but in the form of clothing, I barely have it in my wardrobe. When first putting it on, I’m not going to lie when I say I was a bit skeptical because I am not a skinny gal. I have some meat on these bones and didn’t think a glitter jumpsuit would appeal to these curves. Boy, was I wrong. Not only was this jumpsuit gorgeous and immediately put stars in my eyes, but it was extremely comfortable as well. It truly made me want to dance in the sun so I could sparkle walking down the street. Pair it with strappy sandals and you’re good to go.

This sparkly, glitter jumpsuit taught me something. It’s telling me to get out my comfort zone in clothing sometimes. Step outside the box and even though it may not look like something you would wear when looking at it on the hanger, try it on and you just may be surprised.


We are excited to have found another fashion option and look forward to trying more of Ellos throughout the seasons. You can count on us to highlight the #TallGirlApproved items, so stay tuned!


Bree, Kellee & Kristin

This post is Sponsored  by Ellos.

Photo Credit: www.aqutphotography.com

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