Long Tall Sally Fall Highlights with Katie & Tyi

It’s officially autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and tis the season for clothing retailers to introduce cozy layers, longer lengths, and more tailored styles. It can be an anxious time for us taller women because it’s often more difficult to find a long enough trouser than a summer dress. Thankfully for us vertically gifted, global brand Long Tall Sally has launched new favorites for fall, both on trend and basics we’ll be wearing for years to come.

The Tall Society contributors Katie and Tyi met up in the Arts District of Los Angeles to discuss their favorite pieces from the new collection. Here’s what they had to say:


Today I’m wearing the Hooded Microfleece Jacket over The Short Sleeve Cotton Stretch Tee (in White) and Classic Side Stripe Sweatpants. Los Angeles is all about the active outdoor life, so it’s typical to wear some kind of sleek athleisure apparel to brunch or around town. This Hooded Microfleece Jacket is more stylish than your typical fleece jacket due to its figure-flattering seams and snap stud fastenings. The sleeves are long–longer than any outerwear I’ve owned–at 30 inches. If the extra length intimidates you, the jacket has thumb holes to hold your fabric at the cuff, which I quite enjoy. I also dig the deep inky black color of the fleece; it adds a sense of luxury.

The Short Sleeve Cotton Stretch Tee was the most welcome surprise for me. I’m always on the lookout for the perfect white t-shirt; I frequently scour the internet for roundup reviews. These reviews usually lead me to $300 tshirts from The Row and as a result, I end up buying 3-packs from Amazon that are never quite soft enough. The fabric of this crewneck tee is a stretch cotton jersey that does an excellent job of showing off your feminine shape without creating rolls. It’s very long–torso-length for me at 28 inches–and perfect for tucking into a pair of wide-leg office trousers. I’d classify this as a luxury tee because of its thick, soft fabric. At $25 USD, it’s more affordable than most “perfect” white tees.

Next, the Classic Side Stripe Sweatpants. I actually own another pair of sweatpants from Long Tall Sally (maroon joggers with a white feather pattern), but those are definitely pajamas and I’d feel underdressed wearing them out of the apartment. These black wide-leg sweatpants were made to wear out of the house, perhaps even in heels. The plush cotton fabric is comfortable to move around in or lounge for long lengths of time. I especially like the white side stripes; they remind me of late nineties Adidas track pants, but with an updated, modern twist.

In this outfit, I might be the most comfortable person walking around the Arts District this morning, but I’m still representing my usual New York uniform: black.

Katie wears a medium in the Hooded Microfleece Jacket, Short Sleeve Cotton Stretch Tee (in White), and Classic Side Stripe Sweatpants.


Today I have the pleasure of wearing the Textured Blazer over the Cable Crew Neck Sweater (in Silver Grey Marl) and the Cotton Stretch Shirt (in White), paired with Clean Sharp 7/8 Pants. As a teacher, it is important that I am professional yet comfortable, and LTS hit the mark right on its head. The layered fit gave me a cozy sense of fall on the east coast, but its light weight was perfect for LA weather. At first, I was apprehensive that the clothing would be too big or wouldn’t fit right, but the moment I put it in on, I knew it was perfect. The blazer fit snug, giving me a tailored look, and both tops sat flawlessly beneath it.

First, the Textured Blazer. Texture, texture, texture! Unlike most blazers, that are–let’s be honest–pretty basic in their design, the LTS blazer is completely textured with ridges throughout the fabric. It gives the blazer a little pizzazz and personality, especially when coupled with its more basic, professional fit. I also appreciate the symmetrical pockets on either side of the jacket. Although I could have done without the large button in the middle, I am impressed with the overall style and comfort.

Now, to the Cable Crew Neck. This crew neck might actually be my favorite piece out of the entire outfit. I was so surprised that the arm length went past my wrists! Occurrences like these are so rare for tall women, so I reveled in being able to have my fingertips touch the end of my shirt. That, my friends, is a win! The crew neck is also very soft, which again speaks volumes to its comfort, but more than that, it fit so nicely on my shape, giving me both a feminine and boyish look at the same time.

The Cotton Stretch Shirt, whew! I mean come on, who doesn’t love a crisp, white button down shirt? Talk about being stylish without even trying! I personally have to be extra careful with all white shirts, because you do want to keep them spotless and clean; however, I loved how stretchy this material was. Most cotton shirts are just basic, stiff cotton, which makes it uncomfortable to move throughout the day. This shirt, however, has an elastic feel to it, making it feel light and easy to move around in. Again, as a teacher who is moving around constantly, it is important that my clothes be fit for the job. This shirt most definitely is.

Lastly, are the Clean Sharp 7/8 Pants. The pleat in the middle gives it a professional touch and creates even symmetry throughout the outfit. I can wear these pants with anything, which is great as it keeps my closet small but full of quality pieces. There is nothing better than a closet full of versatility! Thank you, Long Tall Sally, for adding to my collection and keeping us tall women comfortable and stylish!

Tyi wears a medium in the Textured Blazer, Cable Crew Neck Sweater (in Silver Grey Marl), Cotton Stretch Shirt (in White), and Clean Sharp 7/8 Pants.

Photo Credit: Kyle Blair Photography

Pieces reviewed c/o Long Tall Sally.

To see more styles, visit www.longtallsally.com and select your country’s site.

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