Fitting Room Chronicles

Us Tall Sisters know that shopping isn’t easy. Either the pants are too short or the dresses have our booties out. There are just so many things that make shopping not fun for us. The problem is I love shopping. Living in NYC, if I see a store I like, I’m going to pop in. After a while of consistently being disappointed trying on clothes, I thought it would be funny to start taking photos of my dressing room experiences. Here are a few of my shopping fails.

What you thought was cute dress turns out to be a child’s nightgown.

What is it going to take to get me to stop going into Forever 21? This dress or that fact I’m almost 30?

Okay, I actually bought this one.

That time you thought you could shop online.

Another fail.

And I have a waggy.

Shirt? Dress? Shirt? Dress?

Hello flood pants, my old friend. We meet again.

Although shopping in most stores may make you feel like a misfit, there are plenty of stores that are a tall girl’s dream. American Eagle, for example, has extra long pants online. The Gap never fails me with their tall section. Alloy offers so many tall options, some of which you have seen us model here on The Tall Society. The problem is that they only provide them online. UGH! If they just had tall sections in stores, it would save us from these shopping fails.

But when there is pain there is humor. So why not take a picture of your next shopping adventure and share it with us so we can all laugh together? What has been your latest shopping ‘fail’? Comment below.



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