We tend to hold denim to the strictest standards out of any piece in our wardrobe. You can throw on a dress, you can manipulate an oversized t-shirt, but denim has to fit perfectly. And unlike fast fashion, it has to last for years. Lucky for us, we discovered a new line that feels like heaven on legs.

Midheaven Denim is a line of premium denim, cut and sewn by experienced artists in downtown Los Angeles and made from the softest Italian fabric. With longer than average inseams and just the right amount of stretch, Midheaven Denim is a welcome solution to accommodate those of us with taller, curvy bodies.

In addition to longer lengths, the fabric is produced in the world’s greenest and most sustainable denim mill with valuable measures taken to reduce waste and promote environmentally healthy production tactics. All of their packaging materials are eco-conscious.

The brand was conceived by former model and actress Kathryn Boyd Brolin who, standing at 5 feet 11 inches, wanted to create a solution for herself and other tall women struggling to find their ideal denim.

On a recent trip to Echo Park, fellow The Tall Society contributor Tyi and I had the opportunity to catch up and try some of these heavenly styles. Let’s discuss.


I’m wearing The Astrid, a mid-rise black skinny jean. I love black denim for its instant luxury and ability to transition into dressed up, evening looks. Yet for some reason, I find it to be the most difficult color to find in a pair that fits me. The day before this shoot, I was running around all over LA in a pair of Uniqlo denim that kept digging painfully into my hips, but I hesitated to throw them out because the color was such a deep beautiful black and the length at least covered my ankles. No more!

I’m wearing these Midheaven Astrids as I type this. Finally, a pair of black denim that has a high enough rise to fit my 6’0” frame without compromising length! The thick, cozy fabric is 98% cotton, which is essential to comfort and long-lasting wear, as I’m going to be living in these jeans. What sold this pair and this denim line for me is the stretch. Unlike other jeans that sag in the booty by the end of the day, this fabric stretches but has impressive recovery. When you try these jeans on, they fit, but they go on fitting for the rest of the day. I know, because I kept wearing them for 12 hours after the shoot. And I don’t have to wear a belt.

In my opinion, you don’t need 15 pairs of okay denim. You need 2 or 3 that are well-made, well-fitting, and will last you a long time. As a tall woman, I think I’ve found my brand. I have my eye on the flared Valentina next, as visions of seventies-style California road trips and frolicking in Joshua Tree swirl in my head. Check them out.

I had the pleasure of wearing Midheaven’s mid-rise moderate flare jean, The Valentina. I am going to be honest, although I was excited about the Midheaven brand, I was a little apprehensive about trying on a flare jean. Flares aren’t really my style, as I normally don’t trust that the inseam will fit me perfectly and the silhouette will be stylish enough for me to properly pull off. To my surprise, the flare jean actually fit great! It fit my 38-inch inseam perfectly with a little room at the bottom to hang over a nice heel or a boot.

The denim itself is cut well and hugs your body nicely. The fabric is soft, allowing for easy movement and has stretch, which suits almost any body type. I agree with Katie, the fabric is definitely long lasting and undoubtedly has “impressive recovery.” You almost don’t want to take them off! I also wore them all day long and even paired it with a few more outfits during the week.

Even if flares are not your personal style or if you think you’re too tall to wear them, the Valentina is definitely worth a shot! The deep blue color is so beautiful and the overall quality is amazing. I can’t wait to snag the black Astrid jean as I expand my wardrobe.

For the initial launch, Midheaven Denim currently offers 4 styles in sizes 25-32, with inseams measuring 31-38 inches. The brand recognizes the diverse shapes of women, so in addition to choosing soft fabric that stretches with the body without losing its shape, they would like to plan a plus-size capsule collection in 2019.

To learn more about the company Midheaven Denim and to purchase styles, visit www.midheavendenim.com. You can follow @midheavendenim on Instagram and Twitter.

Photo Credit: www.kyleblairphotography.com

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