‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ – Dawn Shaffer and Robin Rogers

Welcome to Sunday Tall Sisters!

Today we are excited to welcome 2 tall sisters that do indeed share a bloodline. Dawn and Robin have been great supporters of our community for some time now and their story is one that has to be shared! We have welcomed Dawn and Robin as event attendees and vendors at past events. I myself am a frequent user of their magical curl conditioning cream. Two incredible women that created a family business. Intrigued? Lets meet your Tall Sisters!

What are your full names?

Dawn Sheila Shaffer and Robin Lynn Rogers.

How tall are you?

DAWN: 6’1”.

ROBIN: 5’11.

Where were you born and where do you live?

DAWN: We were born in Philadelphia, PA. We currently live in Vacaville, CA, a suburb in Northern California.

ROBIN: It’s a bedroom community nestled between San Francisco and Sacramento, and best of all, it’s one hour away from the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California.

What was your career before you decided to start Natural Splendor?

DAWN: I worked as a stationary engineer at a water treatment plant.

ROBIN: My career path was health care administration.

Tell us the story of how you decided to start your own natural hair products.

DAWN: After going natural and attending our first natural hair meet-up, we knew we had found our tribe and we wanted to be a part of the community.  

ROBIN: We didn’t start out with developing a hair product when we initially started our company. We were working on a novelty t-shirt company that promoted natural hair with positive affirmations and slogans. A lot of times during our meetings we would find ourselves discussing our own hair care routines and what products we were using.  

DAWN: Like most naturalists, we spent hours watching natural hair gurus using multiple products and spending hours caring for their hair. We wanted a more simplified hair care routine and a natural product that was good for our hair.

ROBIN: Dawn said, “Let’s develop our own product!” We were a little taken aback at first, and I remember thinking, “Who does that?” I really couldn’t think of what that process looked like. Dawn’s an excellent researcher and had worked in a lab environment, so she was comfortable with that aspect of it. After taking a certification class in natural product formulation taught by natural cosmetic formulator Joan Morais, we spent several years formulating and testing before we had the streamlined product we wanted.

DAWN: We created the products we were looking for and that we are truly proud of.

What inspires you in creating these products?

DAWN: We are inspired by all the naturalists who are looking for a products that are simple to use, natural, and good for their textured hair and who are “wash-and-go” natural hair girls wanting simple and natural hair care routines. We are inspired to educate those embracing natural hair to understand that our hair care is not complicated once you understand the science of textured hair.

ROBIN: I’m inspired by the sisterhood of the natural hair community and how we have embraced our curls, kinks, coils, and locs. We’ve come together like never before, and for our common bond to be our hair is truly magic!

Who is the woman that needs Natural Splendor?  Who are you targeting with this brand?

DAWN: Natural Splendor’s customers are women 30+ who have been natural for some time and know what they need in a natural hair product for their hair texture. Our customer knows value and quality and chooses her natural hair products with that in mind.

ROBIN: The Natural Splendor woman is looking for products with clean ingredients that are good for her hair, she wants to save money by not having to buy multiple products to do her hair, and Natural Splendor saves her time by being a multifunctional product.

What is your favorite product in the line and why?

DAWN: I love our curl conditioning creams because they were our first products and what we wanted in a hair product. Our curl creams are good, clean, and natural products and they work.

ROBIN: My favorite product is our Lightly Coiled Curl Conditioning Cream. I have a looser curl pattern so the formula was designed for naturals like me.   

What does a typical day look like for you?  What do you like to do for yourself?

DAWN: My typical day starts with fulfilling orders that have come in overnight. I check my correspondence and complete applications for upcoming shows.  I look for opportunities to promote Natural Splendor. I spend time writing pitch letters to look for sponsorship opportunities. Partnerships and collaborations with compatible businesses and brands has helped with growing our customer base. We are working on re-launching our YouTube channel and we are preparing content that we think will appeal to mature women.

ROBIN: My day usually starts with social media. I do a quick look to see what’s happening on the “gram” as I call it, and then I decide what we will post for the day. I love coming up with catchy captions. I’ve always been a creative person, so heading up the marketing for the company affords me the opportunity to try new things. During weeks when we have upcoming shows or events, I’m usually working with my sister to ensure that we are prepped and ready for the event with collateral and display items, all our fees have been paid, our liability insurance secured, hotel accommodations arranged etc. Summer is our busy season and we love being out on the road meeting naturals and introducing them to Natural Splendor. Things I love doing for myself are shopping flea markets, decorating, listening to jazz, and traveling.

Tell us about your journey to self-acceptance and embracing your height.

DAWN: My self-acceptance of my height has always existed. Our mother is 5’11”, and as a tall beautiful woman she is a living example of tall woman pride.

ROBIN: Our mother raised us on Vogue magazine so we were constantly exposed to tall stylish women, and Mom encouraged us to take care of ourselves and our clothes. I accepted my height very early in life. I was enrolled in charm school as a teenager and I later started modeling for our local Montgomery Wards store.

DAWN: As a teen I struggled with finding shoes that fit, were stylish, and age appropriate. They were not making stylish shoes for young girls with feet as large as ours. I have always loved my height, just not the large feet that came with being tall.

ROBIN: My only angst early in life was the lack of stylish shoes for me as a 12-year-old girl who was already pushing past 5’9” and a size 10 shoe.

DAWN: As a young woman I never worried that I was not seen or would not be remembered. I counted on standing out. I love that people thought I was older than I was because of my height. My fondest tall girl story, I was out shopping and a little girl looked down at my feet and up to my face and when she caught my eye, she said, “Wow!” and I smiled and said, “I know.” Being a tall girl has always been a source of pride.

Do you have any parting words of advice for our Tall Sisters who might be struggling with their confidence?

DAWN: Connect with other tall women through groups like The Tall Society to meet other tall women so you can experience an instant kinship. You will meet outgoing tall women who are presenting their height with confidence and pride. This is the best time to be a tall girl. We are extraordinary and our height will always be our “wow” factor. Enjoy it.

ROBIN: I absolutely love being tall, and if I were to give any advice to anyone struggling with confidence, I would tell them that there’s something regal and magical about being tall and I wished they knew how special they are.  

Thank you my beloved Tall Sisters for taking the time to share your story! We hope to see you again soon.


Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!