Black Owned Tall Brands II

We have so many favorite black owned tall brands, that we could not fit them all in one blog post! Here are a few more of those that stand out to us as notable, inclusive, and some of the best!!

The Sixes

Six-foot-one-inch Franci Girard started her tall clothing brand, The Sixes, in 2019. Located in New York City, she has access to a large amount of tall women, but your community can never be too big, especially within a group that often feels so small. “I was already about 5’10” by the time I was in 4th grade, and I always struggled to find clothes that fit. As a kid growing up in the inner city of NYC, my inability to fully express myself through my appearance was sometimes crippling.  I was a really lanky kid and a bit nerdy so I was bullied for most of 3rd and 4th grade. I HATED my height when I was younger. It wasn’t until I started playing sports in 7th grade that I really grew to love my height. I saw all of the advantages that came with being an athlete who was taller than most of my teammates and that confidence carried over when I was off the court as well. The combination of sports and my mother reinforcing how special my height was led me to really embrace it.”

The combination of sports and my mother reinforcing how special my height was led me to really embrace it.

Franci Girard

Those of you reading this that can relate to struggling with your identity and how being a tall female fits into who you are, know how difficult it can be to feel comfortable in who you are. “The Sixes is an ode to those of us who don’t fit into a “standard size” (whatever that means), who love fashion, who take pride in the way we look, and who have been excluded from major style moments because of our height,” said Franci. “I was really lucky to have a community in my family and my teammates that helped me to embrace my height. The Sixes is a community designed to empower women to be comfortable in their own skin.”

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The Sixes

The Sixes focuses on style, substance, and quality in our brand aesthetic, communications and design. We take a lighthearted approach to our marketing with the goal of bringing some levity to a lot of the hilarious situations we find ourselves in as tall women,” said Franci. This is certainly a group that I want to be a part of!

If you are looking for some direction when shopping around on the site, check out these popular items that customers have loved:

Bolnique Shoes

At the age of 13, Nicoline Bole began to experience negative feelings about her height, as she stood 176 cm, tallest in her class, and nearly the tallest in her entire school of 430 girls. “This did not sit well with me as people who used to be taller than me were now shorter than me. Because of my long legs, I was nicknamed “bridge legs”, meaning you could use my legs to cross a bridge. This got me annoyed, but the name stuck,” Bole stated.  After being forced to join the basketball team, and later falling in love with the game, she learned that her height might not be so bad.  “I did not have much problem settling into being one of the tallest because I had a positive mentor and role model (my late dad). Growing up we are not made to feel confident in our height mostly because of peer pressure. However, because my parents were both tall, and all my siblings were tall, the awkwardness did not last long. I was a confident tall girl,” said Bole.

I was a confident tall girl.

Nicoline Bole

Now, she has three kids. The first is 175cm, and even wants to be taller. (We love that!!) The second is already 177cm, but because he is boy, he is cool with it. The last is about 174cm at 11 years, and has never liked being the tallest in her class until she recently met a new girl who is same age, and also tall, so suddenly she is happy not being the tallest.  

With so many important people in her life with a tall gene, Nicoline was inspired to start Bolnique Shoes in London, back in 2016. “Getting comfortable, handcrafted, beautiful shoes to pull off an elegant image all day was always a HUGE problem. My shoe size is EU size 43/UK10/US12. I have been a UK size 10 since the age of 12. It was never a problem growing up, because as kids we mostly wore made to order sandals in schools. However, when I became fashion-conscious and wanted beautifully handcrafted and comfortable shoes in my size, it was almost impossible. By nature of my job, I was shuttling airports and travelling almost every week. I needed shoes to travel that simultaneously look good presenting without changing shoes. I was done with squeezing my feet in an undersized shoe. I needed my size and I wanted quality and beauty in a pair,” stated Bole.

Trying to find shoes that fit, were not fast fashion, were able to last, beautiful, and elegant proved to be a huge problem for her. “All of these challenges pushed me to go hunting for manufacturers of luxury shoes for big feet. Finding big size manufacturers was a challenge.  I initially started with normal sizes and finally, am blessed to have found manufacturers that can fulfil my dream for big feet ladies. I do not only want to design and manufacture just any shoes, because I believe in having quality, comfort and beauty in a pair. All these can be experienced with Bolnique Shoes with the best possible price point for quick turnaround and to bring you more variety of luxury shoes.”

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Bolnique Shoes

Bolnique Shoes understands the challenge of combining and marrying sophistication, style, quality and comfort in shoes to adapt to all aspects of life. “We offer unique, limited, premium collection of shoes carefully handcrafted by third generation of Italian artisans with remarkable skills, dedication and attention to details.”

Some of the more popular items include:


Standing 5-foot-10-inches, Bukola Bankole has experience with the uncertainty of being tall. “I struggled with my height as a child, as I always towered above the girls in my class and was often the same height as the tallest boys. I felt awkward. In my early twenties was when I was able to embrace my height and use it as a full expression of my personality,” said Bankole. “I now have a 6-foot 13-year-old daughter going through the same ‘awkward’ phase I went through. I’m able to offer her support and share tall girl experiences, now coming from a motherly place of wisdom having been in her shoes.”

The tall woman's height is a wonderful and inseparable part of who she is.

Bukola Bankole

Using her own experience, and also with tall girls her daughter’s age in mind, Bukola started TallMoi in Price Frederick, Maryland this year. “As a tall woman, it was a struggle to get clothes that fit in the right places. ‘Tall clothes’ from ‘regular’ brands seldom fit and not many brands carry tall. So, I had to make do with whatever I could find regardless of the fit. When I could find tall clothes, I found I also had to pay a premium for exclusive tall apparel and knew that it must be a struggle for other tall women as well.”

TallMoi, pronounced Tall ‘Mwa’, is a combination of two words and languages that make up the essence of who we are. The French word ‘moi’ (meaning me) was chosen because of our appreciation and alignment with French fashion that is classic and sophisticated. The two words joined together to express that the tall woman’s height is a wonderful and inseparable part of who she is.”

There is such a power in brands that are inclusive to people who come in shapes and sizes that ‘regular’ brands do not make the effort to sufficiently cater to. “TallMoi believes in empowering and meeting the needs of tall women at different phases of their lives and height acceptance through tall fashion that provides fit and function. The tall woman naturally already stands out; we want to empower her to stand out confidently and look chic/sophisticated daily every day – wherever she may go.”

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“We are also conscious of the environment and strive to be as sustainable as possible in our choice of garment fabric and processes. TallMoi is the only brand to carry a full collection of reversible garments, offering fit, function, and value. We carry essentials and other garments that cater to the casual and dressy needs of the tall woman.”

Our vision is to become the global destination for all things tall! A few of her favorites:

Check back soon for more of our favorite brands.

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