How to Accomplish Your Goals

Do you like quizzes? Because I love them. “What’s your greatest strength?” “What breed of dog are you?” “Who is your Disney character spirit animal?” I’ve taken them all, but

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Big People, Tiny Home

I’m “that” friend. You know, the one who is always reading the self-help books or shoving crystals in her bra. The one who tries making her own deodorant while wearing

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Hey there, Ugly Duckling

Can I tell you something I wish I’d been told forever ago? You’re an “ugly duckling”. But please don’t be offended by my use of the word “ugly”, because you’re

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Stop Using the S-Word

I’m sorry is a phrase we’ve learned to say, not only as women, but as tall persons. I’m sorry I’m taking up too much space. I’m sorry I’m blocking your

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My 60 Seconds of Fame

Hey all! It’s Molly! I’m getting up from my editor’s chair to scribble a little bit for you all today. As you may have seen, I was recently featured in an

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Front Row and Center

Waiting in line. Getting closer to the entrance of the venue. They finally let us in. We’re pushing our way to the front because, really, who likes to be in

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Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!