Front Row and Center

Waiting in line. Getting closer to the entrance of the venue. They finally let us in. We’re pushing our way to the front because, really, who likes to be in the back of the venue at your favorite artist’s concert? FINALLY. We’re front and center. Just the way I like it. But wait, I look behind me and there’s a huge gap because people can’t see over this tall amazon with big, curly hair.

My love for music goes back to when I was a toddler, living in Harlem. I had a cassette player with a built-in radio (fancy). I would scroll through the stations and jam to each one. Especially the Spanish stations because I found that sort of music to be so fun and beautiful. I hadn’t a clue as to what was being said but I felt the vibe and it was a cool one. Fast-forward to today, the feeling that music gives me hasn’t gone away. I listen to all types of music, with my favorites being Neo-Soul, R&B, and Hip Hop. Give me Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Robert Glasper, The Internet, The Roots, Corinne Bailey Rae… (I can go on FOREVER). Music gives me life, as I’m sure it does to many people. And there’s nothing like being able to seeing your favorite artists live.

As a tall female, attending a concert can come with its own challenges.   Because the concerts I go to are usually standing room only, sometimes it can get uncomfortable as I start wondering whether those behind me are able to see the stage, and occasionally I’ll even turn around and ask them if they can. However, even though it’s easy to feel bad, I remember to tell myself that I paid just as much as they did to be here so I should be able to pick a spot that I’m comfortable with.

I’ve learned that even though of course I’d love for all my fellow music fans to be able to see the stage, it’s hard trying to please everyone, and as a tall female, we too often seem to face negative encouragement to be smaller. We are women worthy of experiencing the world too, and we need not feel guilty for being authentically ourselves.

After realizing my tall stature and curly hair take up the sight of the stage from those behind me, the people behind me don’t really care. That’s the thing with music and concerts in general. People come together to sing and dance along to the music, and they also adapt so they are able to see the artist playing before them. In that moment is when I know that I’m not ruining the experience for the other people. And in that moment is when I am finally able to let go and enjoy the show.

If you want to be rocking out to your favorite artist at a concert, it’s best to do it front row and center. It is a better view after all.


Kellee 6’2

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