Self-Confidence Courtesy of Astrology

by Molly Cardinal, Astrologer

Tall Sisters,

we all already know that we are rad human beings who possess a unique quality that we should love and embrace, though I know that for some of us it’s been a very colorful journey to arrive at a place where we can wink at ourselves in the mirror and say, “Lookin’ good, sister.”

As tall women who stand out from the crowd even if we don’t want to, I’ll bet all of us have experimented with different methods of improving the ol’ self-esteem through the years. Some of us may have turned to sports, where our height is a hot commodity. Or even non-tall-people sports like yoga or weightlifting might have offered you an outlet. Perhaps you went the clinical route and saw a counselor. Maybe journaling was your thing.

I have personally tried all of those things, and found them to be awesome tools to honor my mind, body, and spirit and reprogram them for a more loving and satisfied view of myself. Today, however, I wanted to share with you yet another perhaps unexpected method of self-improvement and self-realization: astrology.

Depending on your knowledge or interest in this area, astrology to you might range from “Hey, I’m supposed to meet someone new today according to Cosmo” to “Girl, Pluto is conjuncting my moon right now and I’m feeling EVERYTHING.” So for the astrology newbies that are reading me right now, I’ll give you a quick Cliffs Notes version of what astrology actually is and how you can use it to learn all about fabulous you.

In a nutshell, astrology is the study of how the positions of the planets throughout the 12 signs of the zodiac correspond to personality traits and how our lives unfold here on earth. You probably know your sun sign, but what you might not know is that you also have a moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, as well as other points that we calculate—all of these planets and points are representative of part of you. At your moment of birth, each of the planets were hanging out in one the signs, and by entering your date, time, and place of birth, you can calculate your natal chart and see all of them.

In astrology we not only look at which signs the planets are in, but also how those planets interact with each other through what we call aspects, or angles. For example, if your sun is at 15° Virgo and your moon is at 15° Gemini, they’re going to be 90° apart in what astrologers call a square. Different aspects represent different flows of energy between those two planets, indicating how the areas of life those planets represent interact for you.

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You still with me? Let me use myself and my own chart as an example.

When I started learning about astrology and going beyond just my sun sign (Aquarius, FYI), I discovered a completely new way to understand ME and why I am the way I am. It’s not as simple as “I’m just insecure about my height and myself,” as it isn’t that simple for any of us. Rather I started seeing how my natal chart revealed a detailed explanation of what energies were at work within my being. Some aspects are easy and helpful, like my Mars and Saturn trine, which lends me a great work ethic. Then there are the challenging ones, like a Saturn square to my Aries ascendant point.

Mars shows our energy and determination, while Saturn is very structured and organized, so you can see how those two coming together can be helpful. Our ascendant point is the sign with which we generally move through life more subconsciously, the way we want to just be without inhibition, so you can see how putting a Saturnian wet blanket of rigidity on it can make one question every move they make, worry about appearing perfect in front of people, and other fun flavors of self-doubt.

Once I began to understand these cosmic origins of some of the challenges—and blessings—I seem to always experience, I also began to understand new ways to heal those areas. See, your natal chart is not a death sentence of a lifetime of dysfunction. Instead it’s a roadmap of things that your soul is asking you to work on in this lifetime, and you can absolutely grow and improve yourself. In my case, the perfectionism about how others perceive me that I unearthed through learning about my Saturn/ascendant square is teaching me how to embrace my high standards in a different way that doesn’t make me nervous to go in public. I work to embody both the unapologetic and uncensored Aries energy with how I live my life, but while remembering that Saturn wants us to work hard and purposefully, so I should channel that energy accordingly. A lifetime of feeling like a complete weirdo can be understood through my Aquarius sun and moon, and now it’s something that I think is hella cool.

So to wrap it up for you all, astrology is not only for woo-woo hippies wearing macramé and going to drum circles, though if that’s your thing, it sounds fabulous. If you come to the study with openness and a willingness to look at both your natural gifts and points of tension that you can work on, I’ll bet you will also have a really cool new appreciation for yourself.

Also, just a hint, if you look at what your moon sign is, you can get an idea of which of those confidence-building activities I talked about at the beginning of this article would be soothing to you.

And as a final hint, I do chart readings myself because I want everyone to come to a greater appreciation and love for themselves and their journeys, as well as discover new tools in order to improve and beautify their lives. If you’re interested in learning more about you, your natural gifts and talents, your challenges, and what might be coming up for you, then go to my website to order a reading.

Tall Sisters, curious?

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Beloved Tall Sisters,

Molly has long been part of our #TallTribe, supporting The Tall Society as an incredible Tall SIster, trusted friend, editor, proofreader and writer. As Molly has ventured into astrology , I was very excited to share this part of her journey with you all. Astrology has always peaked my interest and I can’t wait to learn more about my chart. Order your reading with Molly today and let me know what you uncovered! Xoxo Bree

Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!