My 60 Seconds of Fame

Hey all! It’s Molly! I’m getting up from my editor’s chair to scribble a little bit for you all today. As you may have seen, I was recently featured in an episode of 60 Second Docs, an online documentary series that features a diverse array of people doing intriguing things. Well, someone over there thought that my being tall was intriguing, so they asked me to be featured. The whole experience was awesome and a little bonkers, so I wanted to share.

I’ll start my narrative by telling you that I was not always the girl who could put her face on the internet for millions of people to look at (unless you count a moody MySpace profile).   In fact, this was me about 13 years ago:


Obviously, we have all come a long way since we were teenagers, but I like to think my greatest accomplishments have been: One, my ability to articulate my thoughts confidently in a public forum, two, fixing that Quasimodo tall person posture we’ve all had to contend with, and three, realizing that thick black emo eyeliner looks terrible on my skin tone.

Knowing my own history, my first reaction when Bree told me about this interview was some anxiety and nerves. But I decided to go for it, and it certainly helped that the videographer I was in contact with was very nice and easygoing.

We filmed the interview when we were in Seattle for a Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch. I talked about growing up tall, fun times in the dating world leading up to finding my 5’9” boyfriend, and why The Tall Society rocks. They also got some footage of me walking around downtown Seattle as well as some of all the girls at brunch the following day.   Out of all that stuff, they trimmed it down to a bite-sized one-minute video.



The video was posted a couple weeks later, and the final product was awesome! Although, it was still a bit disorienting for me to watch my own face.   It got even more bananas when George Takei’s Facebook account re-posted it, and I had people who knew me, but who didn’t know I did the video, texting me because it popped up on their feed. Everyone said the video was great, and my message was perfect.

Subsequently, The Tall Society gained thousands of more followers on Facebook and Instagram. There was so much traffic to the site that the server was maxed out and went down. As Bree said, “All good problems!” Mission accomplished.

I had a little moment of pride in myself for stepping about a mile out of my comfort zone and sounding and looking good doing it. I like to think I also did it for little 15-year-old Molly who still was insecure about being herself and could never envision doing such a thing—and also for every other teenage girl who’s still working at her self-esteem. I’m also so glad that our community got the coverage we wanted and we welcomed more girls to join us.

As I said in the video, being tall is just one thing about me. I’m also a classic rock lover, crystal fiend, Lululemon junkie, word and language enthusiast, and Golden Oreo addict. And now I’m able to embrace every part of me.


P.S. I’ll be writing a little bit more from time to time for you all, so I’ll see you in my next post!

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