You Have a Big Responsibility!

Truthfully, I can’t get my excited fingers to type this article fast enough! I’m so eager because I’m seriously shaking things up this week.

You know the “Comments” section at the bottom of this page? I’m challenging you to use it.  Consider this your permission slip to unapologetically brag on every single thing you love about yourself.  From your height to your killer smile and everything in between, I’d LOVE to hear what makes you so awesome!

I’m doing this because it occurred to me the other day that women are often encouraged to dim their brightness.  We’re told to share but not brag, laugh but not too loud, and be proud but not too proud.

I’m all about being humble, but come on, let’s live a little! I don’t want you to snuff out that sparkle for one second longer.  As a tall woman, you attract a bit more attention, invite more conversation, and naturally draw a lot more people to you just by being yourself. Without me even knowing you, I can already say you have that going for you, and, by giving yourself permission to share your gifts with the rest of the world, you’re giving permission to other tall women everywhere to do the same.

I bring up this last point about permission because I think it’s an interesting phenomenon.  Remember as children how freeing permission was?  Whether it was a go-ahead to stay up late or a slip to leave class early, having someone else give you permission to bend the rules felt like total freedom. Without it, we often hesitate or don’t act at all!

In a lot of ways, we’re still like those childhood versions of ourselves that need permission to step out of the box.

By giving you the OK to brag on yourself in the “Comments” section without fear of being judged, it is my hope that tall women everywhere will be inspired to love themselves in the way you do.  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in insecurity or being hard on yourself, especially with the way the media portrays how women’s bodies are “supposed” to look these days.  To see you, a fellow Tall Sister, taking a stand for herself in such a public way will be more life changing than you even realize.

Trust me when I say you have no idea who is looking up to you in this moment.  Whether you’re a daughter, friend, mother, or grandmother, there is at least one woman or young girl who is looking to you to set the example.  What is she seeing from you? Are you modeling unconditional self-love or do you put yourself down because you’re somehow “different”? Is she seeing you throw your shoulders back or hunch to fit in a bit better? What’s your self-talk like?

You have a responsibility to yourself and to every tall woman out there to set a positive example of what confidence looks like.  A rising tide lifts all ships, so YOU (yes, you) can make a lasting impact on our community.  It may seem like a small thing, but putting into words what you love about yourself will make all the difference to you and whoever reads it.

I’ll get this party started! I love my height, especially when I wear heels!  My broad, muscular shoulders are my favorite physical feature, and my natural ability to make people laugh is something I’m really proud of.  I consider myself one smart cookie, and I am publicly going to pat myself on the back for my enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

What do you love about yourself?



Sharing is Caring
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