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Good morning lovelies,

Only a short while ago the TTYA x Long Tall Sally Autumn winter collection launched. I got a sneak preview on the items before they launched and I was so excited that I jumped out of my chair, grabbed my pom poms and proceeded to do the TTYA 4 LTS tall girl cheer. Ok maybe that is not entirely true, but I was elated and very excited.

TTYA’s visionary and founder Irene just nails it each time. The whole look and feel of this collection is unlike anything else out there in Tall Fashion and you can count on her for that. The Abstract Chevron Palazzo pants and the Black Knit Turtleneck make the perfect fall outfit in my opinion.

IMG_2809 X

The Abstract Chevron Palazzo pants are comfy lightweight pants that sit high on your waist. Perfect pants to combine with a black or white crop-top if you can pull it off. The retro print brings you back to the 50’s and 60’s when bold, bright and colorful patterns and prints were the norm. I LOVE the wink to the past in this collection. As always I am wearing my staple size 16 here and they fit me comfortably.

IMG_2817 X

It is certainly getting chillier in the city and a high quality turtleneck is a must have. When unpacking this beauty, I felt the softness of the fabric and could not wait to put it on. Honestly this turtleneck is like diving into a bed of feathers. It is so soft and comfy that my boyfriend had to remind me change into my PJ’s at the end of the day. I would have kept on this turtleneck if I could. Available in soft white, black and rust, this is the perfect piece to pair with many items from the collection. I am wearing an L here.

IMG_2842 X

Another piece that I have been eager to try was the Faux Fur Coat from Alloy Apparel. Now for the first time I tried something from their mainstream line, as the Faux Fur Coat was not available in tall sizes thus naturally there was a difference in fit. In the spirit of full disclosure; the sleeves are too short for me. I did however still feel like I could wear it since I have a tendency to roll up the sleeves of pretty much everything anyway, so it still felt comfortable for me. With emphasis on for me, as this might not work for some of my other Tall Sisters and that’s fine. I wanted a big and fluffy faux fur coat so I got one:)

IMG_2884 X

I can’t believe how time has flown by and the end of the year is nearing. Make sure to check back here for reviews on some great Fall/Winter pieces. Also some fascinating stories coming up, as there is an endless supply of amazing Tall Sisters.

Items reviewed c/o Long Tall Sally and Alloy Apparel

Photo Credit: Denisse Benitez Photography

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