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Welcome to Sunday everyone!

This week I bring you another edition of ‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’. We are hearing the story of Marte this week. A stunning 6ft tall drink of water.

Around summer time last year, I went to meet my dear friend Danielle, a fellow Dutchy for dinner in the city. Danielle indicated that she had invited a colleague of hers from the modeling world to join us, also Dutch. I was early getting to the restaurant and I understood so was her friend, so I set-out to look for Danielle’s friend, Marte. I had gotten a brief description of what she looked like, so I was looking for someone tall with red hair. Walking into the restaurant it was very easy to spot Marte, as there she was, this beautiful amazonian creature in 5 inch heels! Yay another Tall Sister I thought and I headed over.

We hit it off right away, ordered drinks and were gushing over each others outfits, heels , height. Everything! 10 minutes in we were taking selfies, as it is not every day that you get to look a fellow Tall Sister in the eyes; so this had to be captured. It is always very exciting to meet new Tall Sisters because even if we are total strangers, we have an affinity towards each other. There is a level of understanding and respect. That indescribable sense of kinship. We had a great dinner and Marte and I stayed in touch.

Marte has a fascinating story and I felt compelled to share it with you. From a teenager uncomfortable in her own skin to International model. Lets Meet our Tall Sister!


What is your full name?

Marte Sylvia Boneschansker

How tall are you?


Have you ever struggled accepting your height? Please share your journey.

Off course! I was 5’7 when I was 12 years old. I was by far the tallest girl in school and I was clumsy too. I didn’t know where to leave my arms, or my legs. Boys laughed at me, Clothes didn’t fit. My nicknames were Skeleton, Mini-boobs and Giraffe.

But when my body started to get more shape when I was around 15/16 years old, I finally grew into my body. It felt like everything fell into place, my proportions suited my height and I started to walk up straight and love my height.

“Every time I see a tall girl on the street and we make eye contact, we give each other a little nod, because we are all in this sisterhood of tall women together. – Marte”


What is your current occupation and how has your height influenced your career?

I was so tall at such a young age that I got scouted on the streets a lot. But when I finally signed with my first model agency (touché models in Amsterdam) they told me that I was too big to work. I was a size 8, can you imagine? They told me to lose weight. I tried it but it just wasn’t for me. My body was getting curvier every month and after two years of struggling I resigned. I quit modeling and figured it just wasn’t for me.

A year later, a friend of mine wanted to become a model and asked me to come with her to visit the agency. So I did. I was 19 and a full size 12, as my body still is today. They told me I would be perfect working as a plus size model. I had never heard of plus size models. From that moment onwards my modeling career took off.

I now work as an international curvy model. I am signed with Muse NYC, 12plusUK, Euromodel NL and several other European agencies. I have worked for Marina Rinaldi, Simply Be, Xandres, Elena Miro, Kappahl and many catalogues around the globe.

I’m tall, very tall, even for a model, but I see it as an advantage. My body is in proportion. Because of my height I carry my weight well. So career wise I’m happy with my height. On a personal level it also doesn’t bother me anymore. My Husband is 4 inches shorter than I am. That would’ve scared me when I was younger, but now I feel proud.

My height is a big part of who I am and my husband loves it. I can wear heals if I want too! It has never been an issue; and it really shouldn’t ever be. It is about what is on the inside after all.


Please give us a glimpse of what life is like as an international Model; Please describe a day in the life of Marte.

Haha well life as a model is always full of surprises! From being stuck on airplanes, to wearing lingerie that’s way too tight, to shaving your legs in a taxi and running around going from casting to casting.

On a workday, I shower, wash my hair, shave, do my nails and beauty routine, grab a book and my bag with paddings, nude bra’s, heels (my model kit;)) and rush to work. At the location it usually starts with coffee, hair, make up, and then we start shooting. Sometimes I know the photographer, which makes it easier to catch the energy, and sometimes we need to try some shots, talk, and get to know each other. It is really a dance between the model, photographer, stylist, hair and make-up. Everything has to be perfect for the right shot. When that perfect shot happens it is really cool, you can feel a certain breeze, a flow of energy going through the studio: this is going to look great.

I love those moments where everyone works together to show beauty, to create a moment, a frame that shines. I love to travel and this job has given me the opportunity to see a lot of the world. I am always grateful that I get to see so much of the world. Places, people, experiences.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if it is even real: wait, is this me, the uncomfortable Giraffe going to a casting at Vogue? Is this really me? But I guess it is. I am doing it! My height is my strength now! I’m doing it!

_DCC0253 copy

Who or what inspires you?

Really cool women often inspire me; women who make you go ‘yes girl!’ Because it is harder as a women to stand out; even still today. Girls with an amazing talent who do something great for the planet inspire me. They make me feel like I can learn and grow. Examples are Frida Kahlo, M.I.A., Tilda Swinton, Zadie Smith, Bernice Notenboom (A Dutch woman who crossed the North Pole and is on a mission to save our planet), Miranda July, Beyoncé and my mother.

Do you have any advice for our younger Tall Sisters?

Walk up straight!

I have tried to hide my height for so many years by not standing up straight. Trust me, it doesn’t work. It makes you look and feel, insecure and vulnerable. Show your height. Own your height. Wear heels. Be proud and grateful for your height. Use it as your power!


Is there anything else you would like to share with your Tall sisters?

It is great to see that being tall is being viewed as a strength, an asset, more and more. Every time I see a tall girl on the street and we make eye contact, give each other a little nod, because we are all in this sisterhood of tall women together. I feel like we all know the benefits and the downsides, so it is great to have platforms like The Tall Society to connect and share. It is like family!


Thank you Marte! She could not have been more spot on! We are like a family, a growing family and I am estatic every time I come across another beautiful Tall Sister that owns her height! I just love telling these stories. Our amazing sisterhood. How lucky are we?!

Ok ladies, your turn! What do you think of Marte’s story? Anything you want to tell her? Go ahead and leave your note in the comment section below. Don’t be shy:)!

I hope you enjoyed Marte’s story as much as I did. Lets chat again next week!



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