My Blue Suede Shoes!

Welcome to Sunday ladies. Quoting Elvis seemed like the right way to kick off this beautiful day. You all know I love it when I come across a new retailer for us. It excites me so much, as slowly we are seeing more and more options and we so deserve that! Allow me to introduce you lovely ladies to Xtended Soles.

The mother/daughter trio Jackie Thurman, Jennifer Major and Mary Powell, founded Xtended Soles in late 2015. These exceptional ladies are descendants from a tall family where the height ranges from 5’8 to 6’8”. The majority of the women in the family also happen to wear a US size 10 and above. Like most of us, they have struggled to find extended sizes throughout their lives. Sigh.. The shoe struggle is a tough one.

So lets rewind to a few years ago, when Jennifer Major was on a quest to find the trendy wedge heel sneaker in a size 12. Sadly she could not find them anywhere. It was then that she pledged to open a shoe store that specializes in women’s contemporary footwear carrying extended sizes. Taking matters into her own hands ensuring she had plenty of options in the future.
Well here we are, last year the ladies took the plunge and fulfilled the family dream of owning their own online shoe store. I love their story, and I love that the family members all rallied together to make Xtended Soles a reality.


Ok so as I am browsing their collection I am immediately drawn to these heels in a stunning shade of blue. Offered in sizes 10-14 the Saffire blue heel had my name all over it.

The suede is a luscious shade of blue and the heel height is one that is just right for me personally at 3.5 inches. Enough to give your legs that little extra it needs but not so high that you will spent the majority of your night sitting at the bar because you can no longer elegantly walk around.


The Saffire Blue heel has a leather sole and insole and was 100% constructed in Italy. I have to say that this definitely shows in the quality of the shoe. These babies will last you a long time, granted that you take care of them properly.


I combined the heels with my Fit & Flare Shirt Dress that I rented from Gwynnie Bee. Sorry ladies, the dress is no longer for sale. But try a free month and just rent the dress I would say. They have it in a few colors. Between the amazing shoes and this dress I felt like a million bucks!

I am truly impressed with the variety of shoes that Xtended Soles currently offers, from super cute flats, to some killer heels. In the short timespan they have been in business, they have managed to produce an impressive collection. I am excited to see what is in store for Xtended Soles. Go support your Tall Sisters ladies and check them out on Xtendedsoles.com

Outfit Details:
Saffire Blue Heel Size 14
Fit & Flare Shirt Dress Size 16

Photo Credit: Aqut Photography

This post was sponsored by Xtended Soles



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