Gone with the wind fabulous

Forgive me on the title of this post, but I could not help myself. While shooting this look with the amazing Denisse, a good amount of time was spent literally waiting for the wind. It was worth it as we got some good shots! Felt silly doing it though.

Anyway, Bree focus. Ok so this dress has been my go to for a few years now. Bought it on Black Friday with a ridiculous discount at Michael Kors. I was very surprised to firstly see an XL and then to find the dress was long enough! Definitely sending some bonus points your way Mr. Kors. I thank you!

I have worn this dress to a wedding with heels and an elaborate hairstyle, but have also gone to the park with it on a sunny day in flip-flops.

In my opinion this dress is one of the most amazing versatile pieces of clothing I own.

I was struggling to find something similar, but I foresee this dress will give you the same versatility.

Photo Credit: Denisse Benitez Photography



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