When leggings made a comeback

I was sitting front row when leggings made a comeback. Were you? I don’t think anyone thought that the trend would last, and a there was a lot of confusion around how to wear them, revealing as they are.  I recall that initially all leggings I tried were floating above my ankles, until I was browsing in the Topshop Tall section and found these leather look leggings. Victory!

Comfortable and easy to style ‘up’ with heels, but could also easily be worn with some sneakers on a shopping day. I have had these for an eternity, so the wear on them is great. I think they will last me for a little while longer. Similar leggings

I decided to pair it with one of my other favs, the Tall Biker Jacket, also from Topshop Tall, see a similar jacket here.  This jacket was purchased online on a cold wintery day in Amsterdam. On the hunt for a winter coat, I failed to read the description properly and thought it was a thick faux leather jacket.. Well it is more of a summer jacket as it is light and comfy, so it did not protect me from the cold, but it was a great purchase nevertheless.

Comfort is important for me so to finish this look with pumps from Shoes of Prey just made sense. The leopard heel with purple suede definitely stands out and often triggers the ‘Where did you get those’ question?

I had to bust out the HANGRY t-shirt. Why? Because I have been known to have the occasional case of hangryness, so it is fitting, really:). The t-shirt is a size 16 from Asos Curve

Photo Credit: Denisse Benitez Photography



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