A pop of color

Anyone that knows me or has been to my apartment is aware of my obsession with the color Green. I just love it. It’s gorgeous. As a result, in addition to my wallpaper, many pieces in my closet are a shade of green. It just works for me.

I adore this Tall Double Layer Tube Skirt from Topshop Tall, Similar skirt here

It is another one of those pieces that has had a lot of wear, but has retained the bright color despite numerous machine washes.

With black pumps and a black top I feel like this could be worn at dinner, or at a night in the club. Maybe exchange the long sleeves for a short-sleeved top. Other than that this will always be one of my go to looks on those night you are already running late and you can’t figure out what to wear.





Photo Credit: Denisse Benitez Photography



Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!