Month: March 2016

‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Patricia Johnson

  A few months ago I was visiting the Alloy Apparel offices here in NYC for a meeting. It was lovely to meet some of the key players behind the brand that offers such great options for us long legged ladies. Little did I know that one of Alloy’s best kept secrets is a women of height! Into the meeting room walked one of our Tall sisters, proudly rocking some heels. YES! I thought. How amazing that one of Alloy’s senior

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TTYA x LTS in the Caribbean!

  I was ready to escape the NYC pace, I needed a breather from the crazy busy life that I absolutely love. But sometimes you just need to pause, escape and take some time to refuel. Refueling is exactly what I did. I finished packing late at night and off I was to the island of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean the next morning to meet my mom for some quality time together. This was going to be a week of good

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  Social media is a powerful medium where I have discovered a plethora of amazing people and brands. One faithful day I connected with Adaeze, and I am so glad I did. Adaeze is originally from Sacramento and has always had a passion for all things design. Her mom taught her to sew as little girl, hence clothes and fashion was an interest for her from very early on. Adaeze is a licensed architect by day with one of the top

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Marva Hanks

  Welcome to Sunday my lovely readers! This week I am delighted to introduce you all to a Tall Sister that has made a huge impression on me and I am so happy to have crossed paths with. In fall last year I was asked to assist with styling during the bi-annual Long Tall Sally pop-up shop in New York. All these amazing tall woman with whom I have this indescribable bond because we understand each other surrounded me. The

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