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A few months ago I was visiting the Alloy Apparel offices here in NYC for a meeting. It was lovely to meet some of the key players behind the brand that offers such great options for us long legged ladies. Little did I know that one of Alloy’s best kept secrets is a women of height! Into the meeting room walked one of our Tall sisters, proudly rocking some heels. YES! I thought. How amazing that one of Alloy’s senior leaders knows exactly what struggles we face everyday, because she herself is 6ft.  This is  in a nutschel how I met Patrica and I am excited for you to get to know her too! Lets meet our Tall Sister!

What is your full name?

Patricia Johnson

How tall are you?

6 ft.

What is your current occupation and please share your professional journey leading until now.

I am the Chief Merchandising Officer for Alloy and DELiA*s. I have been in the apparel and accessories business for almost 20 years starting as an assistant buyer and working my way up at various specialty and mass-market chains.

Has your height influenced your career in any way? Please share how.

I was never comfortable being tall when I was younger but I feel my height has empowered me and has given me confidence in a very tough industry so using it as your super power can be very impactful.

What do want our Tall Sisters to know about Alloy Apparel and Alloy Tall specifically?

At Alloy we are offering apparel for women who embrace their size and to empower women who were told “you can’t wear that if you are tall”. We should feel sexy and feel we can wear clothes that are contemporary and on trend without having to break the bank.

Please share what the design process is like, how did you arrive at some of the pieces that are offered by ‘Alloy Talltoday?

We first start with looking at the runways and trends through various services, we put together stories and color palates that we feel will appeal to our customer. Our customer is always the focus point with every decision we make. Then we work with our trusted suppliers to develop product within those stories and we use out fit technician to send specs that will fit our standards and create consistency.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Number one our customer who is very vocal about our product good and bad and we course correct based on that. We also draw inspiration from the runways to stay ahead of the trends. At Alloy we have a bit of a sexy edge, so we look at curvy women like Beyoncé and Eva Mendes.

What has been your favorite design to date and why?

Our new denim collection it is amazing. We offer a wide array of sizes, extended lengths up to 39′ inseams in size XS-XXXL. Women who struggle to find denim that fits often success with Alloy, so I am proud of that

If you can give your Tall Sisters one piece of advise, what would it be?

Enjoy your stature and wear heels whenever you want! People envy it more than you think.

What can we expect to see in the future from ‘Alloy Tall?

You will see us expand our selection in everything from clothing to shoes. You will see a more editorial feel to the catalog and the clothes as we embrace the sex appeal. Our current catalog features four women with the longest legs in the USA and it amazing how great they look and feel in the clothes

Is there anything else you would like to share with your Tall Sisters?

That being tall is a gift that should be embraced. We deserve to feel and look great.

Well there you have it my tall sisters! Some motivational words that should never be forgotten. Looking forward to connecting with you all again next week!



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