Katie Rocking Alloy

Hi new friends!

It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Katharine Henner, nickname “Katie.” I am 6 feet tall
and no, I do not play basketball.

I’d like to thank Bree for inviting me to be a contributor to The Tall Society. The grace and presence that she
commands in person is something I aspire to achieve. You see, not only do I not play basketball, but I am somewhat of a huncher. I think it’s an empathetic hunch. I lean down to hear the stories of my fellow (wo)men. I love hearing stories. I love telling them. I’m a writer.

As a tall person, I sometimes forget that I am tall. Except when I try on clothes.

Growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio, we’d take the bus downtown to shop for vintage clothing. My fellow dancer
friends (all 5’6’’ or 5’7’’) would seamlessly slip into unique pairs of denim for 50 cents. Meanwhile, I’d look in
the mirror and wonder if I was trying on baby clothes.

The only jeans that were long enough could be found for a much higher price at Abercrombie & Fitch. Their
pre-ripped holes and faded whiskers made me feel like I was trying too hard. I didn’t earn the wear. Thankfully, we have more size options today. We have more tall creative people entering the world, and we have more ways for us to connect to each other, like The Tall Society.


I’ve lived in New York for nearly a decade. One of the things I love about living in a big city is the close
proximity to people and people doing things. I met Bree on a photoshoot and I remember that she was
wearing a jumpsuit. I remember this because jumpsuits are the elusive unicorn for tall girls. They never fit!

I’ve tried on a few and I’m happy to report that this black Alloy Apparel Savanah Jumpsuit I’m wearing is
super long and breathes like pajamas. I’m wearing it with the only heels that I own (purchased for my sister’s wedding 3 years ago) and this badass Alloy Apparel Blush Moto Jacket.
I know it’s badass because when I walked home from the shoot, a girl waiting in line for a show at Rough Trade complimented me on its badassery.

More details on Tyi and Bree’s looks coming soon.

I’d actually like to give a shout out to Alloy Apparel, because for years, they’ve been my go-to brand for long
denim inseams. In 2008, I rocked this killer pair of white denim and, after accidentally washing said white
denim with a red shirt, started rocking a killer pair of salmon colored denim.

I feel very much like a work in progress today, both as a tall woman and a human. Sometimes I have to be
reminded by other tall women about the power of tall. It’s more than just the way we look; we actually see the world differently because of our higher vantage point.

I can’t wait to tackle some tall girl social issues for you in the coming months. I’m also constantly searching
for ways on how to take care of and use my tall body to its fullest potential besides, you know, playing basketball.

Outfit Details:
Savanah Jumpsuit Size XL 37″ Inseam
Blush Moto Jacket Size XL

Pieces reviewed c/o Alloy Apparel

Photo Credit: Aqut Photography

I hope this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Ps. If you have any suggestions about cool, wearable heels, please teach me your ways. I need more
fashionable girls in my life!


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