Taller Men + Shorter Women

Inter-height couple (n.): a couple who is of disproportionate heights.

Used in a sentence: Look at that inter-height couple. His wife is so much shorter than him.

We have all seen it —inter-height couples. As a single woman in the dating jungle of New York, I feel like every time I see a good-looking tall guy, he is either gay or dating someone average height. As a tall woman, I’m still trying to figure out why all these tall men that I’m looking at are more interested in shorter girls. Obviously I don’t hate average height women; I just can’t help but feel a way when I see tall men who could be dating tall women choose to go out with shorter girls. Why is that? Are the physics of that height difference not weird for them?

When I’m out, sometimes tall men do hit on me, but more often than not, it’s usually only short guys who like the climb. Is it our height that keep the tall men away? Or is there something else that they are attracted to in shorter girls?

I decided to take actions into my own hands and get to the bottom of it. I asked a bunch of tall single men what their preference was and why.  I got some very interesting responses.

Joe, 6’4”, Writer, LA .
Joe is a writer, wrestling fan, and really into old-school pop-punk bands. 

Which do you prefer? Short girls or tall? I don’t have a preference. But tall girls usually like me more because I’m taller than them.

Would you date someone taller than you? I went out with one girl who was taller than me, and I feel like she had more of a problem with it than I did. In my experience, women just generally want a taller man.

What’s the perfect height for you to date? 5’3”‒5’11”

Would you date a girl who is 5’0”? I’m just used to being with tall girls. But I honestly don’t have a preference.

Would you date me? I guess.

Jordan, 6’9”, Personal Trainer, Chicago
Jordan is in school to become a pharmacist. He loves donuts.

Which do you prefer? Short girls or tall? I like shorter girls; I’ve only hooked up with short girls.

Short girls? Really? Why? I don’t know. I’ve always liked the little dancer body type or the sorority girls.

You know there are tall sorority girls, right? Not where I went to school.

How tall was the tallest girl you’ve been with? Tallest women I’ve been with was 5’10”.

Would you date someone taller than you? I don’t think I’d find a girl taller than me, so no.

What’s the perfect height for you to date? 5’7” ‒5’10”

A girl that’s 6’0” is too tall to date? No, because then I don’t have to kiss that far down. The shorter ones are easy because they can give “other things” a lot easier.

But you aren’t against a tall girl, right? I don’t mind it.

Would you date me? I started seeing guys now.

Anthony, 6’4”, works in finance, Long Island
Anthony is a Green Bay Packers fan, loves the game Sorry, and Superman is his alter ego.

Which do you prefer? Short girls or tall? Short. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t date a tall girl, just as long as she is not taller than me.

Why wouldn’t you date a girl taller than you? If she’s taller than me, she would be a monster.

So do you like short girls because it makes you feel more like a ‘“man”? No, I don’t have a reason; they’re just cuter. I can throw them around.

What’s the perfect height for you to date? 5’3”

But you would date a tall girl? Not if she reminds me of my sister.

Would you date me? You remind me of my sister.

Joseph, 6’2”, lacrosse player, Upstate New York
Joseph is a flower child, turned down being a semi-professional rugby player to learn Reiki, and he travels around the world teaching lacrosse.

Which do you prefer? Short girls or tall? I’ve dated tall and short. I don’t think a women’s height has anything to do with my attraction to them.

Would you date someone taller than you? Definitely. Especially if we have a special connection.

How tall was the tallest girl you’ve been with? The tallest I’ve ever made love with was 5’10”.

What’s the perfect height for you to date? I don’t know how to answer this question.

Would you date me? If we have a connection.

Ryan, 6’5”, Comedian, DC
Ryan is a history buff, knows four languages, and once had a lizard collection.

What do you prefer? Short girls or tall? Tall.

Why? I’m a tall guy, so being with someone of proportion is nice.

Would you date someone taller than you? Yeah, I would.

How tall was the tallest girl you’ve been with? 6’3 

Perfect height? 5’10”6’1”

Would you date someone who is 5’0”? Yeah, I would.

Would you date me? Yes.

Christal, lesbian, 6’0”, works in marketing, Long Island
Christal loves boozy brunch, her boat, and her girlfriend.

Which do you prefer? Short girls or tall? Tall.

Why? I think that taller women exude a sort of presence, I would say. Like not necessarily being a stronger person but just a presence and a sense of being that makes them stand out more. Plus I like looking into my girlfriend’s eyes before I kiss her.

How tall was the tallest girl you dated? 6’0” is the tallest I have dated.

Would you date someone taller than you? This will sound so cheesy, but I can’t really answer it because I don’t see myself ever dating another person.

Perfect height? My height.

Would you date someone who is 5’0”? I have dated someone who was 5’1”.

Would you date me? If I didn’t have a girlfriend, I would know too much to do so.

It is great to learn that most people don’t have a preference, but I was a bit bummed to hear that several of the men actively preferred shorter women over tall. Perhaps it might be a small with big, strong man dynamic, but perhaps it is just their natural attraction. As powerful and independent women, we should date men who are not threatened by our height, accomplishments, or anything else. And I still think there is plenty of guys out there want to date me.

Until next time folks!

Xo Kristin

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