Never Been in Love

This summer I turn thirty, and I’m surprisingly really excited about it. At thirty I’m finally confident in my body, at thirty I don’t care about pleasing everyone, and most

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Taller Men + Shorter Women

Inter-height couple (n.): a couple who is of disproportionate heights. Used in a sentence: Look at that inter-height couple. His wife is so much shorter than him. We have all

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Dating at 6’2″

The good ole “how tall is the man you are dating” question. When this topic first came up as a writing piece, I placed my head in my hands and

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Dating a shorter man

Being a tall woman is like being a regular person with a built-in platform. You’re recognizable. You’re memorable. You don’t get lost in the crowd. I imagine it’s like being

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Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!