My Personal Journey to Loving my Curves

As a 6’4 32 year old woman I can say, like most women, my body has gone through a transformation in the past 10 years.

My body consciousness started during my early teens when my growth spurt was topping the charts. My brain was always playing catch-up in enhancing its ability to control my limbs. The struggle was real…
Many broken dishes, some cracked furniture, the occasional scraped knee later I slowly regained control of my own body movement.

Post college during my first years alone abroad as an expat, I set out to achieve significant weight loss. The freshman 15 (and then some) had left me uncomfortable in my own skin. I ended up shedding many pounds but the experience did not add happiness. I was now looking at Bree wearing a size 8, however the glass was still half full.


A bit further into my 20’s I came more into my own and started viewing my unique 6’4 curvy body with different eyes. I was happy and fulfilled with who I was becoming as a human, as a person. Trying to be successful in life with all the daily struggles. Our paths are different but the commonality is happiness. We are all searching for balance and happiness everywhere. In our jobs, friendships, relationships, in life.

I was doing exactly what I set out to do which was travel the world while gaining work experience. There was growth in all aspects of my life.

“I was now looking in the mirror thinking; that girl looking back at me; she is powerful, she is beautiful, she is unique!”


“Today I celebrate my curves!” 

I feel beautiful in a dress that hugs me in all the right places, I am comfortable and pretty fly if I do say so myself. My wardrobe is filled with a bit of everything, tight, formfitting, baggy, some fun colors and plenty of black, ‘I am a New Yorker after all’. Like myself my wardrobe is constantly evolving. Each day is a new page in my style story. This is the body I’ve been given, it’s mine and I love it.

So to all my tall sisters out there that on occasion still struggle, please remember this; Surround yourself with positive people and say to yourself ‘Today I choose happiness.’

And if you ever want the advice, support or company of a tall sister, stop by one of my brunch events and feel free to contact me.

Much love to all you beautiful ladies!

Photographer: Felicia Schutte – CREATIVENVISION
Location Shoot – Divers Diners Bar & Grill Bonaire

This article was written by Bree Wijnaar for the Long Tall Sally Blog.



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