‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Peace Hyde

Today we are introducing you to one of your Tall Sisters from around the world.  Meet Peace Hyde — international media personality, life coach, journalist, and social entrepreneur.  She is the founder of Aim Higher Africa, which serves to help lift African youth from poverty though the creation of their own small businesses.  We were inspired by not only Peace’s work, but her message of self-determination and empowerment, and we know you will be too!

What is your full name?

Peace Regina Hyde

How tall are you?


Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I was born and raised in the United Kingdom, but I recently relocated to Africa about three years ago in search of a higher purpose. I believe we all have a calling and we all have a purpose, the challenge is understanding that calling and purpose and translating it into actions that make a significant impact for people around you. I believe that is what drove me to leave everything I know back home and the journey has been so enlightening.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and media personality, a huge part of your message is self-empowerment and determination. Tell us about your own journey to where you are—how have you empowered yourself and overcome challenges to uncover your own greatness and success?

I believe we are all born to be great. But the number one barrier to overcoming that greatness is your mindset. We are all made up of what we believe. Whether you think you will succeed or whether you think you won’t succeed is true so long as you believe it. One of my biggest challenges I had to overcome was removing the mental blocks that put fear, doubt, and insecurity as a focal point in my life. I stayed in a job for so much longer than I should have because of these mental blocks until finally I decided to take a leap of faith and just jump. I left everything I had worked for behind and decided to follow my instincts, and the journey has been remarkable. Relocating to any new place will always have its challenges, especially when you are foreign to that place and you pretty much have to start everything from scratch. But if you overcome the biggest challenge of them all, which is your mindset, you will find you will be empowered to take on any challenges that may come your way.

How has your height influenced your career?

I wouldn’t say my height has played a major role in my career as I have many colleagues achieving amazing feats who are not my height or more. I write for the leading business magazines on the continent as the West Africa correspondent for Forbes Africa and that is purely down to your intellect and journalistic abilities. In terms of media, I would say I think the industry is made up of exceptionally talented individuals who work extremely hard in building their craft and bringing 100% of their game every time, and that is what I would like to believe has influenced me to also push myself to achieve in my career.

Give us some insight into your path to self-acceptance and confidence.

It all begins in acknowledging that as individuals it is ok not to be perfect so long as you are fulfilled in your journey. And this again brings me to my ethos of adopting the right mindset. For years I was the awkward big girl in school and that affected my confidence so much that I shunned away from a lot of the activities that most of my peers were doing. Until I decided to no longer be a victim and take control of my life back. I am an emotional eater, so the first thing was to reprogram my mindset so food was not the go-to option for my emotions. I decided to exercise more, eat healthier, and most importantly think differently. Nobody can give you that inner self-acceptance but you. Even the best therapists in the world can only recommend a set of actions that you should take to lead to self-actualization, but at the end of the day, you have to choose to accept those principles for your life. Change your mindset and you can change your future, and I am a living testament of that philosophy.

With such a dynamic business, I doubt that all your days look the same, but are there some daily rituals or self-care practices that you like to maintain?

I am very big on youth empowerment and helping people to achieve their fullest potential. As a result, inspirational and motivational texts are a very crucial part of my daily routine. I love positive energy and I believe you should start your day with powerful quotes and messages that will give you fuel for your daily journey. I write a motivational column called “A Piece of Peace” for my “faith builders” as I like to call them, and they make up people who follow me on my social media pages and provide encouragement and motivation for my journey. I believe also in drinking a 1.5-liter bottle of water a day and at least one-hour walks during which I can reflect and meditate whenever I can find free time.

How do you feel like you are using your true gifts by creating Aim Higher Africa?

I started Aim Higher Africa with a simple goal of giving street children and children from impoverished communities in Africa an opportunity to be more than their situation and empower them with the tools to achieve their fullest potential. Since then the organization has grown into a network of what we like to call “Youngpreneurs,” meaning young entrepreneurs, with a common goal of creating sustainable and scalable businesses that creates employment for the youth and most importantly bridge the gap between poverty and prosperity. Today we stand at creating over 500 small businesses, which provide employment to over 2,000 youths across Africa, and that is such a great highlight for the organization. We have seen children who lived on the streets and worked long hours carrying heavy loads on their heads for less than $1 a day transform into young business leaders, running and even employing other youths from similar backgrounds. It has been a really amazing journey.

I began my career as a teacher in the UK when I finished university. I always knew I wanted to make an impact, and I have always seen education as a powerful tool for social change. The biggest impact education has had on my life is seeing how that tool has transformed the lives of youths in extreme poverty in Africa by giving them the tools to discover their passion and change their circumstances. The power to create, the power to learn, the power to perceive an alternative reality other than the ones we face can only be harnessed through utilizing education as a tool. When you see someone begin to understand concepts that you or me take for granted and how those concepts like literacy or numeracy open up a whole new world for them is phenomenal. I would say that is the biggest way of using my true gifts.

What are your professional and personal goals for the next five years?

I think my professional and personal goals for the next five years are the same and that is striving to be the best I can be and achieving my fullest potential no matter what that may be. I honestly believe we can achieve anything we put our minds to, and I do not like to limit or box myself in with plans because very often, what we believe to be our dream pails significantly in comparison to the reality. I came to Africa with a simple dream to become an actress two years ago and I am now sitting on three talk shows and have created over 500 businesses which have been instrumental in employing thousands of youths in impoverished communities. I would never have put these in my plans five years ago. So I believe the best thing is to strive for greatness in everything you do, and the rest will take care of itself.

What words of advice and encouragement can you share with our Tall Sisters who might be struggling on their journey to confidence or self-empowerment?

It’s natural to have moments of low confidence and self-esteem and even doubt yourself. But one of the most powerful things you can do is to embrace the uncertainty and the imperfections you perceive and start accepting them as things that make you uniquely you. The act of you being able to embrace your imperfections and build a better self confidence, scars and all, contributes to not only a change of how you feel on the outside, but most importantly what’s inside. I love to call this process “glowing up” because it’s a simple decision to accept and love your flaws which empowers you to have a clear mind, encourages you to see your true value and stop settling for less in order to let go of all the insecurities and love your self. The moment you decide to speak positivity and life into your existence, work hard and dedicate yourself to be better, and go for what you deserve rather than what you are used to, you empower yourself using nothing more than your mindset to understand that everything you have been through that made you question and doubt how amazing you truly are has actually provided you with the stepping stones to achieve your true purpose and gain a more holistic beautiful understanding of yourself. You are uniquely made and imperfectly perfect, and your time to “glow up” is now! So what are you waiting for?

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