Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch – Paris

Oh Paris how I love you so!

When I started The Tall Society 3 years ago, I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would one day be hosting an event in the city of love. The city with THE BEST croissants, some of the best restaurants in the world. If you know me a little bit, you know that food rocks my chain and a great meal makes me intensely happy.

So here I was in about mid 2017 looking at my web traffic analytics, slowly realizing that The Tall Society has strong representation in France. Should I take the plunge? Would the language barrier be an issue? I am not one to shy away from taking a risk for a beautiful cause of bringing together our community, so I decided to let be and let god.

Come take a look at our Paris adventure.

Everything fell into place beautifully with 2 great partners Benevic and What About Us Apparel. Our French Tall Sisters LOVED shopping with both brands and we cannot thank them enough for their participation and support!

French Tall Blogger Jade was the biggest supporter of our Paris brunch from the very beginning and she graciously helped me with translations and promotions. Jade you are a gem! I can’t wait until we meet again my beloved Tall Sister!

Make sure to check out Jade’s Blog www.grandes-assumees.com! Here we are pictured together.

It is no secret that we love to send our Tall Sisters home with goodies! Our swag bags wouldn’t be complete without Woven Pear, L Jean, Fashion To Figure, Eloquii, House of LVA, Thando’s, and Sumissura.

Check out some of the snaps our photographer took of the amazing day!

Paris I will never forget how you welcomed me with open arms and we cannot wait to reunite our #TallTribe in France this year!


Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!