Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch – Amsterdam

Welcome to Sunday Tall Sisters!

Did you know we have hosted over 15 events since The Tall Society was founded 3 years ago? Our commitment to bringing our community together in person is one we will be continuing in 2018!

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I was born and raised in The Netherlands, the land of tall. Hosting a brunch in Amsterdam was a full circle moment for me. My mom, grandma, niece, cousin and some of my best friends all came along to join the fun.

Please join me this week in celebrating those incredible moments.

Our  Tall Sisters enjoyed shopping with Pretty Tall and Long Tall Sally!

Of course it wouldn’t be a Tall Sister Brunch without our fabulous swag bags! A huge THANK YOU to Woven Pear, L Jean, Fashion To Figure, Eloquii, House of LVA, Thando’s, Sumissura, and Long Tall Sally!

We can’t wait to meet you all this year! Stay tuned for our upcoming events.


Photo Credit & Video Credit – Eddie Dimitrov

Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!