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This week I would like to spend some more time discussing Alloy Apparel’s #LoveYourShape Instagram campaign that I was a part of this week. You might have seen some images coming by on my Instagram page.

A few months ago I was asked to be involved with #LoveYourShape; naturally I was honored and ecstatic to be featured alongside 6 other beautiful ladies, all with different body shapes. We showcased the breadth of sizes and fits Alloy Apparel offers in their Denim department.


The purpose of this campaign was to inspire all women to embrace their body type whatever it may be and encourage self-love. Fashion really should be a source of confidence, not anxiety. The perfect pair of jeans, a staple in every woman’s closet, can be life changing.

And life changing it has been for me indeed..

You all know I am curvy, and thanks to my reviews in Tall Fashion you all know my clothing sizes as well. I am a size 16 and stand 6’4 tall; I truly embrace my curves, however that does not mean it is always easy to find clothing that I feel great in and that even fits to be frank.


It is ironic in a way that this campaign showcases Alloy Apparel’s demin collection, as up until very recently I was not wearing jeans at all.

In the past years, I would opt for leggings or jeggings the majority of the time.

Why is that you may wonder? Well I was struggling big time to find a pair of jeans that fit properly. I was searching for a pair of jeans that would be flattering on my tall and curvy frame, jeans that were long enough to at least reach past my ankles, a pair of jeans that would not cut off my blood supply in the waist, (no ‘killer jeans’ for me!) A pair of jeans that I could move around in comfortably and confidently. Was that too much to ask?

Thanks to Alloy I have added 2 pairs to my wardrobe that give me just that! The pairs you see me wearing here are the Milan Destructed Skinny Jean in Dest Light Blue with 37′ inch inseam, in a size 21, see similar here and here. The skinny jeans are the Spoon Moto Skinny Jean in Light Blue Denim with a 37′ inch inseam in size 17. Both pairs c/o Alloy Apparel.


Alloy Apparel is making a statement in size inclusivity by offering fashions up to 25/XXXL, inseams up to 39”, and dress lengths up to 63” without marginalizing any type of woman on the basis of her body.

They truly have something for everyone, at such a reasonable price point. If you haven’t already, I would encourage you ladies to go check them out! They almost always have great discounts and promotions ongoing.

Thank you Alloy for including this Tall and Curvy gal in your campaign! #MyAlloy #LoveYourShape

Photo Credit: Kyle Blair from Headshots for New York



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