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We’re beyond excited to announce the opening launch of one of our most anticipated tall women brands: HEIGHT-OF-FASHION. If you haven’t yet read our interview with British-born, Australia-based designer Natalie Matthews, check it out here. Her personality is infectious and her colorful, standout styles are quickly becoming a favorite with our The Tall Society contributors.

Tyi and Katie were the first to review two of Natalie’s HoF pieces and they had a LOT to say about how the dresses made them feel. For two tomboys, this seemed like a transformative experience. Read on.


I’m simply in awe of this dress. The designer nails the fit. When I put it on and look at myself in the mirror, I think, “Wow..I look good!”

I don’t know about you ladies, but sometimes my wardrobe has a tendency to look like it shops in the maternity section. I’m terrified of bodycon dresses! I’m suspicious of horizontal stripes. Surely this dress, in all of its color blocked splendor, will be two sizes too small.

Then I tried it on. Wow. Somehow this dress manages to elongate my figure and cause me to appear slimmer than I normally appear. The high quality 95% polyester/5% elastane fabric is substantial, not sheer. And the colorful stripes give the dress a modern, youthful look that enhances (but doesn’t exaggerate) my feminine silhouette.

Which brings us to the cut. The real reason why this dress is a winner is because it’s designed with a tall woman and all of her long limbs in mind. I’m 6 feet tall and the length is a perfect midi for me. The bust is cut conservatively and compliments the contrasting fitted shape. It’s perfect for a wedding, special occasion, or just a day/night out. The straps are adjustable, so the fabric doesn’t dig into my armpits. I’m not even wearing a bra, because the construction lifts up my chest without needing extra support. (TMI? Well, in my opinion, the less constrictive undergarments, the happier Katie.)

In short, I feel way more attractive than usual when I wear this dress. It definitely lives up to its name: Knock ‘Em Dead.

Ps. I really want to try on/borrow/steal Tyi’s dress, too. The color is insane!

Katie is wearing the Knock ‘Em Dead Body Con Dress in size Medium.


As I slipped my body into the Button Front Orange Cami Dress three hours before my shoot, I knew this was a winner. The way the color orange caressed my skin tone made me feel validated in a way I haven’t in a long time.

Color is vital. It accentuates our best features, curves, personality, and energy for the day. It is without a doubt that the Height of Fashion got this style 100% right! I’ve never seen an orange this vibrant in a style so cool.

Similar to Katie, I too tend to have a wardrobe that looks as if it’s from the maternity section or men’s section. I tend to go for comfort first and everything else second. The design of this dress, in my humble opinion, is sleek and lustrous. Standing at 6’2”, it is also important that dresses and skirts aren’t too short, as I want things to FIT. The cut is low in the bust area and loose around every other nook and cranny.

This dress is the perfect length and shows off my one of my best assets so well: my legs.

It is new for me to find something colorful, comfortable, and an embodiment of what it means to feel free. Freedom is a concept that is dear to me. This dress for me was the ultimate form of freedom on a Sunday afternoon. It’s light in texture and loose around the edges which makes me feel like I’m walking around in thin air.

I wore this dress all day after my shoot and felt so free. Almost as if nothing else in the world mattered and I was presenting my most authentic self to the world. That feeling is something I have held onto ever since first retrieving this dress. It was more than just the cut, the buttons, the flare, but the freedom it provided me. A freedom I love and a freedom I yearn for.

The point: BUY IT! It is great for a day alone shopping, a Sunday brunch with your friends, or a Saturday date night with your bae. The versatility is endless and the color is without a doubt flawless.

Tyi is wearing the Button Front Orange Cami Dress in Medium.

Exclusively for our #TallTribe, HEIGHT-OF-FASHION is offering a 40% discount for a limited time (7 days) with discount code THETALLSOCIETY on height-of-fashion.com!

Keep an eye on AUD vs. USD, this is an Australian retailer. Also free shipping will apply on any orders over 100AUD  ($79 USD), Happy Shopping!

Hope you enjoy these dresses as much as we do! We can’t wait to try on more show-stopping pieces.

To view the HEIGHT-OF-FASHION collection and/or purchase styles, go to https://height-of-fashion.com. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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