Emme Cadeau – Luxury Leather Footwear for Women

Women’s fashion is a mercurial industry, but one thing we’ll always need: the well-made flat. If you’re a city-dweller like me, you’ve probably walked home barefoot at least twice because you severely underestimated your pain threshold in heels. Unfortunately, most flat options out there are either 1) gym shoes or 2) have thin soles with no support.


Enter Emme Cadeau, a fresh New York label who recently launched a line of leather ballet flats. Handmade in Brazil, the shoes are made from soft leather so they mold to your feet, with extra padded insoles for comfort. They also have a thicker rubber outsole (0.5″ heel) to provide that arch support you need for longer distances — like commuting to work or dancing all night.


Opening a shoebox from Emme Cadeau is like opening up a luxurious present. Quite fitting, because cadeau means “gift” in French. The shoebox is collapsible and they also provide a shoe bag which, unlike other drawstring bags, separates the two shoes so that they don’t rub together.


Sizing runs from 6-12, half sizes included, with colors ranging from neutral to daring. This is the Rose Mystique, a neutral pink. If you want to feel like an off-duty ballet dancer, this is your shoe.


This next shoe, the Disco Ball, is quite edgy and, in my opinion, the most exciting offering in their line. Custom-designed iridescent leather is my kind of no-mess, glittery dream. People have stopped me on the street to inquire about this shoe and I’m always surprised because who stops for a flat shoe?


The price is more than I usually spend for flats, but less expensive than designer brands who tout the same fine quality and luxury materials. These shoes will last you more than a season or two, so the cost per wear becomes reasonable.

Admittedly, I’m not used to wearing an all-leather upper shoe and my usual size 9 required some breaking in. I’d recommend ordering up a half size to avoid disappointment that your shoe won’t fit. Rest assured, however: leather stretches. Once you’ve spent the time breaking these in, you can really feel the difference in quality and support versus other flat shoes. It’s hard to go back once you’ve walked in these shoes.


My friends and I are always on the lookout for undiscovered local gems, but one thing that sets this label apart is that they support female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Emme Cadeau donates a portion of their sales to Trickle Up, a nonprofit with the mission to combat hunger and give women in extreme poverty access to savings and credit.


I look forward to seeing more of Emme Cadeau’s future offerings as they continue to design well-made shoes and evolve into a 360-degree accessories brand. And, I’m excited to see what they will do for women’s organizations as they expand their reach.

Hope you enjoy these shoes as much as I do! If you need someone to break them in (aka “borrow for the night”), let me know.

Shop Emme Cadeau on https://www.emmecadeau.com/ | Receive 10% off your first purchase with code CADEAU2016

Yours, Katie

This post was sponsored by Emme Cadeau

Photo Credit: Kyle Blair Photography

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