Happy Sunday lovelies, I hope you all have had a wonderful week! This week I would like to spend some more time discussing Alloy Apparel’s #LoveYourShape Instagram campaign that I

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Angelic in Alloy Tall

  I have shared multiple edgy looks that I love with you ladies over the past few weeks. But everyone loves a simple and elegant summer dress option, so this week I

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My Love for Leggings

  This week I am happy to introduce a newcomer to the Tall Fashion Arena. THE HEIGHT launched their online store this summer and I am ecstatic that we have yet

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An Everyday look!

  I hope everyone is recovering well from their 4th of July celebrations!! This week I just wanted to go back to basics. Sometimes I am not necessarily inspired to

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The Return of Tie-Dye

  I remember having a tie-dye t-shirt in high school, so that was in the 90’s. We all know the iconic tie-dye peace sign t-shirts that floated around during the

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A Maxi Dress kind of day

I LOVE dressing up, I love experimenting with my style and pushing the envelope. With a tall and curvy frame like mine it really requires experimenting to find out what

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Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!