Welcome to the Tall Society

I am so excited to share the full website with you all!

A big thank you goes out to all of you for your kind words of encouragement these past weeks as I was gearing up for launch.

It was truly inspiring to see the overwhelming wave of positivity from people all over the globe.

In my opinion online resources for tall woman remain scarce in comparison to mainstream retail and fashion. Therefore I am delighted to offer another option for my tall sisters.

What can you expect to see on The Tall Society?

Tall Fashion – Will be your go to place to stay in the know on the latest in the Tall Fashion industry. I will keep my ear to the ground and share what I find on new designers, retailers and influencers; as well as showcase new products that are released by existing tall retailers and designers.

Tall Topics – I am looking to bring some interesting discussion points to the forefront, which I feel are relevant to our demographic. Here I encourage readers to chime in via the comment section and share their views on the topic at hand.

A segment within Tall Topics will be ‘Meet your Tall Sisters’, where I will shine a spotlight on tall woman that have positively influenced our world.

Tall Vlogs – Here I will be interacting with you via Video posts. Although I am working on my ‘On Camera’ behavior, bloopers will be frequently included because I aim to please:)

I hope you enjoy browsing around!

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If you have any questions or comments, they are all very welcome. Please reach out to me on the contact page.

Talk to you soon!


Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!