Month: June 2017

Dating Then & Now – Christiana

  THEN I honestly can’t believe I’m putting this out on the Internet for the world to see…gotta love transparency. For all you tall girls out there who are frustrated with the dating scene, read my story! It’ll give you hope. Elementary and middle school—otherwise known as an awkward kid’s worst nightmare. My best friends at the time were getting their first “Want to be my girlfriend? Check yes or no” letters, and I desperately wanted one. I remember one

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Dating Then & Now – Bree

THEN I’ve been tall for a long time. Standing proudly at 6’4” for a good 20 years now. High school is when I started noticing boys. My girlfriends would be asked out for dates or for the prom. Some of them even had steady boyfriends. That was not my high school experience. I was always around boys a lot, because I was their friend. There was this one boy in high school. I’ll never forget him because he was a

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Seeking My Sartorial Style

I envy those cartoon women on TV. There’s Minnie with her red-and-white polka dot dress, Daria in her ’90s olive blazer, and even Velma in that bulky orange turtleneck. My admiration for them is twofold: 1) these gals don’t have to spend time thinking about what to wear, and 2) the outfit they wear has become unmistakably them. Perhaps you’ve read the think-pieces that tell us why highly successful people choose to wear the same thing every day. The articles

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On April 29th Molly and I jetted off to the Pacific Northwest, to host our very first Seattle Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch. The W Seattle was the perfect location for our first gathering. Seattle was an amazing adventure, where I went onto the Seattle morning news to talk about our community! See that interview HERE and Molly was filmed for a 60 second documentary, read more about that adventure HERE. We LOVED meeting another group of like heighted women. What a

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My 60 Seconds of Fame

Hey all! It’s Molly! I’m getting up from my editor’s chair to scribble a little bit for you all today. As you may have seen, I was recently featured in an episode of 60 Second Docs, an online documentary series that features a diverse array of people doing intriguing things. Well, someone over there thought that my being tall was intriguing, so they asked me to be featured. The whole experience was awesome and a little bonkers, so I wanted to share. I’ll

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On March 25th, 50 Tall Sisters came together to celebrate our uniqueness and make new friends. We hosted our second Washington, DC brunch at the iconic Fig & Olive Restaurant, and it was so special! We welcomed two shoe vendors to satisfy the shopping itch. Who isn’t happy with a new pair of shoes? 🙂 Emme Cadeau was present, bringing their luxury flats that are available in sizes 6-12. Learn more about Emme Cadeau HERE. We also welcomed Thando’s to the

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