Tall Talk™ – Dating Shorter Men

Welcome to Sunday beauties!

Last week Katie opened up and shared a tremendously personal piece with us. Her own personal experience with dating a shorter man. Katie’s story is an empowering and beautiful one. If you have not read it yet, definitely make sure you do so HERE. Make sure you read all the way to the end for a lovely surprise and ending to her story.

Now our opinions on this topic may vary, and therefore I looped in some of our Tall Sisters to hear what their stance is on dating shorter men. Lets hear the verdict shall we? Check out the video!

HUGE thank you to my Tall Sisters featured, in order of appearance:
Danielle Jackson
Sydney Wilson
Tyi Stewart
Symone Street
Sybil Street
Zakiya Lucas-Murray
Nashwa Shalaby

Have a great week lovelies!


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