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Good morning lovelies!

I am back to introduce you to yet another beautiful tall sister! Lets go back to June of 2015 when Kia and I virtually met. Kia founded a new online boutique, THE HEIGHT that offers affordable urban chic clothing for tall woman. Music to my ears as you can imagine. Sadly as tall woman we do still find ourselves often paying premium prices for well fitting clothes. The tall tax needs to be eliminated and I believe THE HEIGHT is a huge step in the right direction.

But who is the woman behind the brand? I happen to know just how lovely and amazing she is and I am delighted to share her story. Lets meet our Tall Sister!

What is your full name?

Kia Patricia Manuel

How tall are you?


Have you ever struggled accepting your height? Please share your journey.

Yes I, like most other tall women, struggled with my height when I was younger. I was so consumed by my physical growth that I most certainly stunted my social, emotional and spiritual growth. My spirit simply could not thrive and evolve when my mind was being held hostage by a mantra I replayed incessantly in my mind – Boys don’t like you because you’re tall, you’re ugly because you’re tall, you are weird because you’re tall, you can’t buy the clothes you want because you’re tall, you cant wear high heels because you’re tall. This message became imprinted on my brain and ingrained in my psyche and ultimately it defined who I was. Everyone has insecurities and most would agree they are a part of life. Some insecurities go no further than skin deep and can be easily overcome, and some cut very deep, dominate your thoughts, and skew your perception – these most often are the insecurities you cannot change (i.e. height, skin tone, hair texture, etc.). Insecurities about characteristics you absolutely cannot change cut so deep because when you perceive the world is telling you that you are inherently not good enough, it crushes your soul. I have come to the understanding that these insecurities are not an option to have and you must immediately reject them. You simply cannot tolerate hating yourself for characteristics determined well before you ever walked the earth AND that will not change, no matter what society and culture are communicating to you.

TTS Pic 5

What is your current occupation and how has your height influenced your career?

CEO of THE HEIGHT, although sometimes I feel like a Professional Coffee Drinker. My height and upbringing are the reasons I started the business. 

Please share the origin story of THE HEIGHT.

When I was younger it was mission impossible to find affordable clothing that fit me. That experience always stuck with me and at times made me feel bad about my height. Ever since then I have always wanted to start an affordable clothing store for tall women. I do not come from money so this is something means a great deal to me. I decided to move forward with my idea two years ago and luckily there was a need in the tall clothing market for affordable clothing. So I went for it and the rest is history.

TTS Pic 2

Give us a glimpse of what life is like as a Business Owner of THE HEIGHT; Please describe a day in the life of Kia:

Life is very busy, organized, and focused. I work a lot, but I love what I am doing and willingly let myself get lost in it all. The business is still new, only 6 months old, so there is always work to be done.

What has been your favorite design to date and why?

My favorite designs to date are pants that have yet to be released. They will make their debut this spring and I am so in love with them. They are 60’s inspired. I can’t wait for all the tall girls to get their hands on them! Also, I’m a sucker for a killer maxi dress so the Alexa Maxi is my favorite maxi dress to date.

What can we expect to see from THE HEIGHT in the future?

You can expect more unique pieces and more variety, especially with pants and other types of bottoms. We have been designing more and have some really cool pieces on the way!

Who or what inspires you?

I try to open myself up to life in a way that allows me to be inspired by things big and small. I approach every situation and experience with the intent to understand and appreciate it exactly for what it is. I am inspired by just about everything because I feel very connected to the people I interact with and the everyday experiences I live out.

TTS Pic 1

Do you have any advice for our younger Tall Sisters?

I would love for younger Tall Sisters to know there is so much power in knowing, accepting and, more importantly, loving exactly who you are. Your height is one tiny aspect of who you are and ultimately will be. Know that people will stare, know that people will ask crazy and inappropriate questions, know that you will automatically have all eyes on you when you walk in a room, and know that the way other people see you and react to you does not define you.   It is so important to explore every part of yourself and try to truly understand who you are, what you want, what your desires are, what you want to be and how you want to effect change in this world. These are the things that will define you and that will matter to you when you get older, not your height.

Is there anything else you would like to share with your Tall sisters?

I love you all! Thank you so much for all of your love and support. It means a great deal to me that we have been able to earn your business many times over for the past six months. We have been greatly humbled by how THE HEIGHT has been received. Awesome and amazing things are planned for 2016 and we can’t wait to continue this journey with you ladies. I want you all to know that as we grow and evolve we will always provide you with classic, contemporary, and trendy clothing at affordable prices! Much love, KPM

Thank you Kia for being a leader in our community and sharing your personal tall journey! Everyone go shop THE HEIGHT now, and tell them Bree sent you!



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