‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Irene Agbontaen

Meet your tall sister Irene Agbontaen, a London designer whose label TTYA was one of the first tall-focused brands to be stocked in a major UK department store. TTYA has been featured in Vogue and has gone on to collaborate with other brands like Long Tall Sally and ASOS.

As a long time friend of The Tall Society, Irene was the featured speaker at our recent London Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, where she shared a lot of insight on her height  journey with the attendees. Today we spoke with Irene about TTYA and her newest partnership with ASOS: a tall women’s bridal line. Lets Meet Your Tall Sister!

What is your full name?
Irene Agbontaen.

How tall are you?

What is your current occupation? Tell us about your professional journey leading up till now.
I’m the owner and founder of TTYA [Taller Than Your Average] London. I started out as a fashion stylist and creative consultant but grew frustrated with the lack of wardrobe staples for tall women, so I made my own.

Has your height influenced your career?
Standing at 5 feet 11 inches, I know firsthand the frustrations faced by my customers; trousers always ankle swinging, sleeves way too short, and a maxi never fits like a maxi. I started TTYA with well-cut wardrobe staples so girls like me had the essentials.

Please share with us the origin story of TTYA.
Well, it started as just an idea to provide wardrobe staples to tall girls. I was constantly traveling with work and wanted key staples to take on the move. My collection launched in Selfridges [a high end department store in the UK] and was the first tall-specific brand to ever launch within store. I then went on to be stocked in Barney’s New York and ASOS–where my collection sold out in one week. I did a four-season collaboration for Long Tall Sally which I designed and creative directed, that featured in American Vogue with supermodel Jourdan Dunn. I launched TTYA Black in 2016, which specializes in well-fitting occasion wear.

What do want our Tall Sisters to know about TTYA?
It’s all done by me, a fellow tall sister.

Please give us a glimpse of your design process for the TTYA x ASOS Bridal collection?
My family is Nigerian and it was super important for me to connect with them. Weddings in Nigeria are a big deal…up to 1000 people can attend. It was a collection based on guests attending a big function: colors and super bold, but the shapes are classic and flattering.

See the new collection below, click any of the images in the slider below to shop!


What has been your favorite design to date and why?
My Chestia yellow maxi dress. It represents strength and elongates the body shape.

For more on Irene Agbontaen and TTYA, check out her recent article in Elle Magazine and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get updates. You can also purchase one of her beautiful designs directly on TTYA’s Website.

Until next week beautiful Tall Sisters!


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