Welcome to Sunday Tall Sisters,

Okay, let me be honest with you ladies. I don’t just wake up early for anything. A girl needs her beauty sleep! So if I need to be somewhere dressed and cute at 10 AM, it needs to be for a good reason. On May 20th, I willingly and eagerly went to the Marmi Shoes on Madison Avenue at this hour for the Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, and it was well worth it! Not only was there a room of beautiful Tall Sisters, but also avocado toast. What could be better? Ladies, thank you for not judging me for stuffing my face.

Besides the delicious food, the most exciting part of the event was, of course, meeting a new tribe of Tall Sisters. It was a blast to not only bond over height with these amazing and powerful ladies, but shoes too! Marmi Shoes sponsored the event and offered up a killer spread of shoes for us to shop. Finally! A brand that understands that tall women = big feet!

While eating, drinking, and being merry, the ladies at the brunch shared with each other their best secrets to living as a tall girl, places to shop whose jeans don’t stop at the knee and sleeves stop at the elbow, and stories and experiences that are familiar to all of us. It really felt like a summer camp for tall women! Except for the mimosas and bubbles… maybe that doesn’t happen at camp.


It was truly beautiful to see women from all walks of life from all different places come together to celebrate what makes us the same and what makes us different. The Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch was an experience of a lifetime!



Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!