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This week you are meeting not 1 but 2 wonderful Tall Sisters. The funny part is, they are actually sisters! Amy and Alli are the proud owners of Amalli Talli. Amalli Talli is a tall specialty boutique located in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Their full collection is also offered in their online store.

You might remember the ‘For The Love of Denim‘ post I did a few weeks ago, featuring some amazing pieces from their store. Lets meet this lovely sister duo and hear what inspired them to dedicate their careers to ensuring their Tall Sisters are well dressed.

What are your full names?

Amy Rosenthal & Allison Black

How tall are you?

6’3.5” & 5’10”

What is your current occupation and tell us about your professional journey leading up till now.

Together we founded Amalli Talli, a boutique for tall women with denim inseams ranging from 34”-38” and a wide variety of tops, dresses, skirts and active wear that fit and flatter a tall frame. Before we opened Amalli Talli, Amy was a college volleyball player and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Sports Management. She worked for several years in collegiate athletics, before moving on to work as a national media buyer for an ad agency. Alli graduated from Minnesota State University with a double major in Finance and Management. After graduation, she worked as an accountant in the finance department of a health insurance corporation. We are a pretty good partnership of marketing guru & total mathlete, who both share a love for fashion & style!


Has your height influenced your careers? Please share how.

As tall women, we all relate to the struggle. That’s the one common theme we all experience and constantly talk about. Experiencing it ourselves most definitely provided a passion for starting our own business and wanting to provide trendy, contemporary options for our niche. We are very blessed to come from an entrepreneurial family, so starting our own business was already in our blood and they definitely encouraged us to take the risk and just go for it. And now our individual heights influence us and our business each and every day. A major theme of Amalli Talli is that we really understand the entire spectrum that exists within the tall niche because of the height difference that exists even between the two of us. Not everyone is “tall” the same way…that’s evident in our store every day. There are 5 ½” of difference between us – which is significant and can’t be ignored because it is indicative of different customers’ needs. Within our partnership, Alli represents the needs for those on one end of the spectrum, and Amy represents those on the other end. So it’s constant dialogue between the two of us when examining merchandise to buy, and now most recently when starting the design process, to make sure we are covering our bases for all different types of tall.

Please share the origin story of Amalli Talli.

Going back to that relatable struggle, we have always had a strong desire to open a store together to turn shopping into much more of a positive and uplifting experience. As sisters growing up together, it was something we always talked about doing “one day”. It’s really a terrible feeling to walk into stores and never find things that work for you, especially in your teenage years. When you shop with us, we don’t ever want to dwell on someone’s height, we want it to completely neutralize it as a factor. It should be the same experience that anyone else has when walking into any other boutique. No one else goes into a store and has to talk at length about how tall they are – it gets really old! That being said, if customers bring it up, we definitely all participate in story telling – we jokingly consider it group therapy! But it is critically important for us to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and at-home.

We considered opening right after Alli graduated from MSU about 5 years ago, but decided to really take our time to devise a business plan and do some serious shopping around, all over the country, to find a wide arrange of trendy and well-fitting inventory. As much as we believe in our website, as it gives us a chance to reach and help more women nationally (and even internationally), it was really important for us to create a brick and mortar store first to deliver that in-store experience that so many of us are lacking. It took over a year for us to find the perfect location for our retail store and we have been open almost a year now – our one year anniversary will be at the end of November!


What do want our Tall Sisters to know about Amalli Talli?

It really is a family business through and through. Our dad has always owned his business, so he’s been a major mentor and coach to us, and our mom is incredibly talented in interior design and designed every square inch of our store. Our brother has his own web-based business, so it’s been helpful to learn from his experiences, too. We are really proud of that as we are an incredibly tight-knit family.

Please give us a glimpse of the design process, how did you arrive at some of the pieces that you sell in the boutique today?

Currently, we just started the design process for some dress pants, however, doing more and more of our own designs is something we hope to make a reality in 2016. Right now, we spend a lot of time at market shows across the country shopping a variety of different lines and labels. We have one rule: it has to either fit Amy, or Alli, or both of us before we decide to carry it in the store. At market, we are the weirdos that are always walking around with a measuring tape and trying the samples on, which is not standard practice for most other stores or boutiques. Doing that can make vendors uncomfortable and nervous a lot of times, but it’s just too important not to. If a piece is trendy, fun & hard to find anywhere else, we are definitely drawn to it. Plus there are styles that while made for the mass market still really look best on a woman with a taller frame, so we love it when we come across those types of items. It’s also important to us to have a good mix of styles to appeal to different ages. Our customer base spans decades, so that definitely plays a factor as well.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Whether it be in our buying or our recent designing sessions, our inspiration comes from the seasonal trends that come out of fashion week and also from some of our favorite fashion bloggers. We have some favorite designers that we carry consistently in the store that tend to always align with our aesthetic and vibe, too.


What has been your favorite piece of inventory to date and why?

Amy: It’s actually something that’s in store this fall – moto style leggings that have a coated finish and a zipper up the side-calf. Never in a million years would I ever think I could have amazing leggings like that long enough for my legs!

Alli: A black jumpsuit we had this spring & summer…I’ve never found one that was long enough in the torso AND the legs!

What can we expect to see in the future from Amalli Talli?

Being that we are so new, we are constantly growing and changing. At the end of 2015, you can expect a new website that should make shopping with us easier and a lot more fun, especially from your phone or tablet! 2016 is also going to be a fun year as we getting further into designing some pieces for our own private label. Trust us when we say we listen to what you are missing from your wardrobe today and we hope to provide those pieces for you!

Is there anything else you would like to share with your Tall sisters?

We are motivated daily by the people we meet and interact with, whether it is in-store or online. It is an incredible honor to have the chance to get to know so many amazing ladies & it really is the best part of what we do. We’ve laughed & cried with people and made some awesome friendships along the way that we really value. Height certainly doesn’t define any of us, but it’s something that bonds us and that’s very special.

Thank you Amy and Alli for sharing your story!! Ladies make sure to check them out on www.amallitalli.com



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