Tall Talk™ – What do you LOVE about being Tall?

Welcome to Sunday lovely people!

In this episode of Tall Talk™ we are discussing the many reasons why we LOVE being Tall!

#1 – Always riding shotgun in the car
#2 – Not dealing with anyone’s morning breath in the subway:-)
#3 – Being able to reach things that are higher up!

These are just a few examples of the many reason why we should celebrate our height, all day every day!

Hear the perspectives from some of your lovely Tall Sisters and let us know in the comments what you LOVE about being tall!

A huge THANK YOU to my beautiful Tall Sisters that were gracious enough to participate and answer our questions. In order of appearence:
Danielle Jackson
Sydney Wilson
Tyi Stewart
Sybil Street
Zakiya Lucas-Murray
Nashwa Shalaby

I will be back next week!


Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!