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Tall Talk™ – Dating Shorter Men

Welcome to Sunday beauties! Last week Katie opened up and shared a tremendously personal piece with us. Her own personal experience with dating a shorter man. Katie’s story is an empowering and beautiful one. If you have not read it yet, definitely make sure you do so HERE. Make sure you read all the way to the end for a lovely surprise and ending to her story. Now our opinions on this topic may vary, and therefore I looped in

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Tall Talk™ – What would you tell your younger self?

This week in Tall Talk™ we are sharing what we would tell our younger selves if presented with the opportunity. Some of the things we would want our younger selves to know: “You are beautiful and you are unique” “Keep your head up and stand with you back straight!” “It gets better” “Don’t worry tall men are in your future!” Check out the video to hear more motivational words dedicated to our younger selves. Props to my beautiful Tall Sisters that shared

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Tall Talk™ – What do you LOVE about being Tall?

Welcome to Sunday lovely people! Hi, In this episode of Tall Talk™ we are discussing the many reasons why we LOVE being Tall! #1 – Always riding shotgun in the car #2 – Not dealing with anyone’s morning breath in the subway:-) #3 – Being able to reach things that are higher up! These are just a few examples of the many reason why we should celebrate our height, all day every day! Hear the perspectives from some of your

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Tall Talk™ Web Series

Tall Talk™ will be a series of episodes shared over the coming months in which you will be hearing the opinion of your Tall Sisters on some interesting questions. Make sure to subscribe to HERE to stay updated on the latest episode. Stay tuned! Xoxo

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