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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Chelsey Lee

Meet your tall sister Chelsey Lee, the CEO and founder of tall fashion brand Legs For Days. Today we chatted with Chelsey about growing up taller than kids who were upperclassmen as well as her new line of on-trend tall clothing. What is your full name? Chelsey Lee How tall are you? 6’3” Where are you from and where do you currently live? I’m originally from Miami, born and raised. For about 8 months out of every year, I live

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Irene Agbontaen

Meet your tall sister Irene Agbontaen, a London designer whose label TTYA was one of the first tall-focused brands to be stocked in a major UK department store. TTYA has been featured in Vogue and has gone on to collaborate with other brands like Long Tall Sally and ASOS. As a long time friend of The Tall Society, Irene was the featured speaker at our recent London Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch, where she shared a lot of insight on

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Peace Hyde

Today we are introducing you to one of your Tall Sisters from around the world.  Meet Peace Hyde — international media personality, life coach, journalist, and social entrepreneur.  She is the founder of Aim Higher Africa, which serves to help lift African youth from poverty though the creation of their own small businesses.  We were inspired by not only Peace’s work, but her message of self-determination and empowerment, and we know you will be too! What is your full name? Peace Regina Hyde How

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Lauren Bath

What is your full name? Lauren Patricia Bath How tall are you? 6’4 and 3/4 (6’5 rounding up) Have you ever struggled accepting your height? Please share your journey. Being tall has always been a part of my life. Even as a young girl in elementary school I was taller than the rest of my peers, although not by much. I steadily grew taller through high school and continued growing well into my twenties. I have settled in at a

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Elayna Speight

Happy Sunday my Tall Sisters! I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Elayna at our Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch in Washington DC. See all the fun we had there HERE and make sure you don’t miss the next events HERE. We are blessed to have our #TallTribe filled with powerful and talented women and I am delighted to share Elayna’s story with you lovelies. Lets Meet Your Tall Sister! What is your full name? Elayna Fanchon Speight How tall are

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Honorine Elizabeth

Ok first things first, we just added events in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. If you live in or around any of those cities, you will have to join us for our one of a kind ‘Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch’. There are a select amount of Early Bird Tickets available, so don’t wait, get your Tickets HERE. The beauty we are interviewing today provides inspiration to many on a daily bases. Through the candid and open way she

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ Helen Pappas

This week we are learning more about our Tall Sister Helen. I would describe Helen as a true soldier in creating more clothing options for women of height, Helen literally pours all her time and energy into making our shopping experience better. With a boutique in Bethesda and an online store, Talltique is a store you should all know about. See my review on their Tall Bomber Jacket and more detail on the store HERE. Now I had the pleasure of meeting Helen

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