Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch™ – New York Edition

Welcome to Sunday my lovelies!

This week I wanted to give you the inside scoop on the very first Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch we recently had!

The brunch took place in NYC as I found it suitable to kick off these brunch series in the city that I live in and love.

But first let me start by explaining where this initiative comes from. Since launching thetallsociety.com last year I have gotten to know so many fascinating, beautiful and inspiring tall sisters. This new sisterhood we are forming is something that I wish I had in my teenage years. But I count my blessings because it is never too late and I am grateful to have it now.

Forming a bond with women that you can relate to is such an amazing thing.
Now since most of these connections were made through social media I often found myself thinking; “How awesome would it be if we could just go out, grab a coffee and meet face to face?”

As a self-proclaimed globetrotter I do a fair share of travel every year. Now why not maximize my personal travel times and organize get-togethers allowing for us all to meet? It really was that simple. Inspired and motivated by making real in person connections I started putting together our NYC brunch. Turns out there are a lot of tall sisters in the Tri-State area!

Sunday January 24th we came together and it was everything I had imagined it would be. It is not every day you find yourself in a room with ladies 5’11 and up where you can look everyone in the eyes.

My next destination will be Washington D.C, so my tall sisters in the DMV area please email your First Name, Last Name and Instagram or Twitter handle to bree@thetallsociety.com to stay in the loop on the Washington DC brunch!

Check out the fun we had in New York!



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Welcome home, Tall Sisters!

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