A few weeks ago I was casually browsing on Instagram, when I came across a post from the beautiful Hannah. Hannah is the current Miss Tall International and she was proposing an event where tall woman come together to make a statement.

AMAZING I thought, I have to attend this. I contacted Hannah and it turned out she needed some help to organize the event so we decided to join forces!

What are we looking to accomplish?
– #highheelfreedom is a chance for tall women to flaunt their height.
– #highheelfreedom is a chance to provide inspiration to every tall girl/woman afraid to wear heels
– #highheelfreedom is a chance to celebrate the confidence of the tall woman who wears heels freely.
– #highheelfreedom is a chance to celebrate the beauty and power of a woman

It really was not about how high the heels were, as we repeatedly received that question. But moreso about making new friends and putting beautiful tall woman in the spotlight.
The day was incredible and we met some pretty specials ladies. There will be future #HighHeelFreedom events, so stay tuned!

Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!