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Visiting Long Tall Sally x Pretty Tall in The Netherlands

Long Tall Sally and The Tall Society have a longstanding partnership that has always been a lot of fun. So, when I was planning my Amsterdam brunch and LTS indicated they wanted to be involved, I knew I was in for some excitement! The Netherlands, land of the tall and also the country I grew up in, did not have a Long Tall Sally store just yet and I hoped that this would be a future location. So, when I

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Exercises for Tall Women

If you do an online search for exercises for tall people, you’ll come up with pages upon pages of articles targeted towards men only. Exercises specifically for tall women are harder to find. The most immediate physical issues we tall women face are poor posture and the lower back and neck pain resulting from it. Most homes and workplaces are built with the average height person in mind, so the countertops and desktops we use daily can poorly affect our

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Tall Sisters! We’re beyond excited to announce the opening launch of one of our most anticipated tall women brands: HEIGHT-OF-FASHION. If you haven’t yet read our interview with British-born, Australia-based designer Natalie Matthews, check it out here. Her personality is infectious and her colorful, standout styles are quickly becoming a favorite with our The Tall Society contributors. Tyi and Katie were the first to review two of Natalie’s HoF pieces and they had a LOT to say about how the

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Gwynnie Bee Travels with Bree – Cuba

2017 has been a year of incredible travel for me. Both personal and professional opportunities have brought me to the most interesting corners of the world. Last year when the travel ban to Cuba was lifted, I began researching opportunities to visit this place that had been shrouded in mystery. Cuba was very high on my “to visit” list because of its rich culture, romance, and architecture steeped in time. A close friend volunteered to accompany me on this adventure,

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Dating a Shorter Man: Fiancé Edition

If you read my previous article about dating a shorter man, you know that it has a happy ending. Or rather a happy beginning. Kyle proposed to me after our The Tall Society photoshoot, at a place we reserve for celebrating beginnings and endings of chapters in our New York lives: The Plaza Hotel. Most of the engaged I meet aren’t actually surprised about the proposal. They’ve discussed the future in serious tones and decided marriage is an inevitability of

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New York is where my life changed; it is where it all started. New York is where an idea turned into this incredible community of ours. New York is where I hosted our very first Meet Your Tall Sisters Brunch on January 24th 2016. This was the first of a series that would become iconic and a staple in the Tall Community. Here we are 1,5 years later, what a beautiful ride it has been. The future is bright! We

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‘Meet Your Tall Sisters’ – Natalie Matthews

New tall brand alert! We had the pleasure of interviewing a fashion designer who’s making her debut with brand new label Height-Of-Fashion, available online this fall! Tall Sisters, meet the British-born, Australia-based, funny and inspirational the beautiful Natalie Matthews. What is your full name? Natalie Matthews How tall are you? I am 6’3” or in centimetres, 193cm. Where are you from and where do you currently live? I am from the UK originally but I live in Melbourne at the

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