Hey there!

I'm Bree

I’m Bree, a self pro-claimed foodie and some might say coffee snob. Traveling the world makes my heart beat faster and is food for my soul.

I grew up in The Netherlands and landed in the United States many moons ago for an internship.

Since then I’ve lived and worked in 7 different cities between the US and Europe and today, I call Orlando home.

I also stand 6’4 tall, which has resulted in a unique experience as I move through life. A few years ago I fulfilled my wish to bring more resources to women that are taller than average height by launching The Tall Society, a community for Tall Girls & Women worldwide.


I have since continued to create for the Tall Community and launched The Tall Exchange in 2020, an online marketplace where tall people can buy and sell pre-loved and new clothing, shoes and accessories.

I have worked in hospitality for 15+ years and when Covid-19 delivered the knockout punch to my beloved Hospitality industry, I decided to take a step back and reassess what I value most in life and how I can work towards living my very best life.

The Tall Society

The Tall Society is 100% a passion project that has evolved from the wish I always had to connect more with women of height. I longed for a sisterhood of women that I could relate to, but there was nothing existing that fit my vision. As I was learning to accept and love my 6’4” curvy self, I vowed to share my experience with others and create that community that we were missing. In 2015 the stars aligned, and in transitioning from working crazy hours in hotel operations to a 9-5 that I LOVE, my life quite literally opened up. It is amazing how the universe brings you back to your purpose, because everything truly does happen for a reason!


Lynda Mallory

IT Project Manager

The tall society is a community of tall women who are all doing great things and connecting on all levels personally, through networking, and business. We have built connections over the years that I feel will last a lifetime.

Whitney Dosty

Swimsuit Designer/ Athlete

It’s the only community I know that you can actually get together and meet other ladies that are tall. It’s nice to be able to listen and share relatable stories from growing up tall, shopping tall and other experiences as a tall women.

Katharine Henner


The Tall Society encourages body positivity, no matter what height or size you are. There is a confidence you feel when clothing actually fits your frame, so this community is asking designers to notice us and finally design for our size. Extended size shoes, too.

Chidinma Coleman


Connecting with women from diverse backgrounds, professions, to uplift and empower each other.

I would encourage women who are looking to network with other women who share similarities and differences while embracing their commonality in height.

Christine Parent


A place where I feel I belong. I wish something like this had existed when I was a teen and 20-something trying to navigate a world where I didn’t feel I fit in.

Marva Hanks

Servant Leader

The content goes beyond fashion and shows “us” in all forms of our top top glory! I have pointed many mothers of young #talltribers to TTS for encouragement about all options for their daughters. The sky is truly the limit on what you can explore once you meet sisters of all hues shapes sizes languages gifts and talents! Although the game of basketball was once seen as a “must” do activity for our young women (it’s been good to me) it is not the gatekeeper for a tall woman’s success.

Kellee Blades


Having a community of women who share the same experience as you is a feeling I truly can’t describe. Every woman I’ve encountered at The Tall Society makes you feel beautiful and not like you’re an oddity. You come away with an experience and network like no other.

Alicia Holm


Before attending my first brunch in Los Angeles, the idea to gather with fellow tall women felt novel. A variety of my friends and even my husband are shorter than me. Upon attending I felt this instant acceptance. Women celebrating their height and so many fellow entrepreneurs! I was encouraged by each conversation and hearing stories of the lives of fellow tall women – I felt like I was glowing! The Tall Society inspired me to be myself – even more fully.

Tall Sister, Lets Be Friends!